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Abrasive Wear in Pump Rotor: Causes and Solutions

May 15, 2019

Pumps can form the backbone of a variety of mechanical processes. Working day and night, pumps help to move any sort of material from one place to another. As the beating heart of a mechanical process, pumps are constantly put under intense stress and strain. Inside of these pumps, whether they be helical rotor pumps or mono-type pumps, the rotor can be introduced to something known as abrasive wear. The continued wearing down of a pump's rotor can lead to performance problems that can cripple an entire operation. Today, we are going to talk about the root causes of abrasive wear as well as potential solutions.

Dealing with Abrasive Wear in Pump Rotor

Any kind of constantly operating machine will be introduced to wear and tear. The reality is that anything with moving parts will be prone to breaking down over time. Even the nicest of pumps and rotors cannot avoid the reality that abrasion is constantly happening and that a potential break-down is looming. With that being said, being armed with knowledge can help you to prepare yourself when problems arise. Let us outline a few causes of abrasive wear in your pump rotor before discussing a few solutions.

1) Moving Abrasive Material - The number one cause of abrasive wear on a pump's rotor is the movement of abrasive material. We aren't talking about just giant rocks and pebbles that get pulled into the water stream. Any coarse solid will eventually be broken down into a powder that impacts the rotor itself. The continued wear-and-tear of coarse materials will begin to score the rotor, leaving marks all over the item.

2) Dense Materials - Whether you are working in the meat industry or in a laboratory, the density of the material being passed through the rotor can impact the abrasive wear of the element itself. Packed tightly enough, any material can end up causing serious issues with the rotor itself. There are a variety of challenging materials that can lead to issues with the rotor, including thick chemicals and gritty liquid.

3) Temperature Extremes - The final common reason for rotor breakdown is that of extreme temperature fluctuations. Abrupt temperature shifts can dramatically impact the rotor, leaving deep damage that simply gets worse with time and exposure.

Fortunately, rotor repair is a relatively straightforward process. Here at Parker Pumps, our team of technicians can help you to maintain, restore, and rebuild your rotor. We can also supply you with the kind of double chrome coating that helps to protect your rotor from the abrasive elements that we outlined above. Call us today in order to discuss any and all solutions for your pump and its associated components!

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