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Ajax Centrifugal Pumps: Uses and Features

April 28, 2017

A wide range of pumps is available for every conceivable industrial application. They pump fluid, even semisolids when that liquid isn't flowing as a simple fluid medium. Industrially speaking, they're robust, and that rugged build extends all the way to the interior components, so a long, trouble-free lifespan is built into the design. Take a look at the features of one our pump stalwarts, a branded family we're calling Ajax Centrifugal pumps.

Ajax Pumps: Delineating the Features

Designed to handle plain water and thicker fluid loads with performance-tuned power, Ajax centrifugal pumps are distinguished by a relatively wide-bore inlet channel, which is fortunate since the equally broad impeller imbues the single-stage mechanism with bullish muscle. That's a feature that generates a strong "head," so the design obviously caters for submerged applications, uses where the fluid is pumped straight up many metres of pipe. Arguably, the vertical discharge characteristic tops the list of pumping features, but there's more to talk about before we can move on to the applications for this powerful fluid mobilising appliance. For instance, as referenced earlier, the hydraulically balanced housing is built tough. In particular, there's a cast iron housing protecting the power-proficient innards, plus a steel shaft mounted on a set of deep-grooved ball bearings, all of which guarantees operability when the flow conditions are less than optimal.

Ajax Pumps: The Uses

When looking for Ajax centrifugal pumps, look at the harshest imaginable environment. In agriculture, the signature blue-painted housings carry water to the far corners of an irrigated field. Firefighting systems in buildings, water treatment plants, building services, effluent discharge lines, all of these applications recruit these iconic pumps. Maintenance requirements can narrow the models available in some usage domains, but the Ajax housing layout accounts for such issues by adding a pull-out configuration to the housing. As the pump flanges lay in-situ, the pump readily disengages its outlines from the volute base without disturbing the pipework.

Most models in the Ajax centrifugal pump group are rated to handle 16,000 kPa of fluid load. They're also entirely capable of driving hot condensates, corrosive chemicals, and pollutant-laden crude oil streams. Due to these many stream types and fluid loads, all Ajax models are DIN and ISO certified (DIN 24255 and ISO 7005.2). Certainly, then, they're rugged on the outside, but their sealed innards emulate that sturdy material and mechanical build by delivering enough suction/discharge power to satisfy any application and any fluid type.

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