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An Overview of Ultraviolet Water Filtration and Purification and Its Advantages

April 30, 2021

We still view fluid filtration as a wholly mechanical process when, in fact, it has evolved far beyond water cleaning cartridges and chemical solutions. The in-line cartridge does effectively block sedimentary dirt and harmful bacteria, but it only represents a slice of the water filtration and purification market. Special osmotic mechanisms follow on from basic water cleaning modules and, located at the top of the technological heap, the UV light system solution takes filtration out of the mechanical loop, relying instead on the power of contact-free water sanitization.

Ultraviolet Sanitation

The ultraviolet end of the light spectrum is employed here as a means of destroying germs. The short wavelength radiance emitted by a UV light system actually penetrates the cell membrane of floating germs and invisibly disrupts cell DNA, causing the tiny bacterial invader to perish before it reaches its outlet point. Used in disinfecting dirty water, converting germ-laden water into a potable drinking supply, the light is indirectly applied to the fluid stream, meaning no chemical additives are called for in this water cleansing method.

Water Filtration and Purification Benefits

Sterilized by pure light, no additives are required in this scenario, no odiferous chemicals or water conditioners. Biological contaminants are irradiated by UV lamps, and these lamps do not obstruct the water. Instead, the light fixtures are located in quartz glass sleeves or positioned adjacent to the Teflon tubes that contain the water stream. In addition to dismissing chemical taste, the light fixtures are far easier to maintain than an equivalent mechanical filter. Access to the water supply must be added to the design so that physical filters, ones blocked by solid matter, can be replaced. The UV solution uses long-lasting lamps, electrical systems that only require the occasional swap-out of a faulty bulb.

Complementary Products

As effective as light technology is when it comes to water filtration and purification, the indirect sanitation method shouldn't be used by itself, at least not in situations where heavier pollutants are present. Heavy metals and certain minerals will absorb the light, attenuating the germ-killing aptitude of the lamps. Instead, the shortwave ultraviolet emissions are used in tandem with other products, with osmosis filtration and standard sieving cartridges. The filter stops chlorine and floating particulate matter while the UV radiation kills bacteria and viruses.

Enjoy swimming pool water without nasty chemical odours by installing a UV light system, a sanitizing product that cleans the water in spas, hot tubs, and drinking taps.

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