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Applications and Uses of Flexible Impeller Pumps

December 4, 2015

Innovative flexible impeller pumps represent a rare example of cross-design prowess. Mechanical motion rotates the impeller in that familiar fashion we all know, but a secondary driving action reinforces the pumping motion. A magical look at a cross-section of the housing would reveal this clever design, illustrating radial motion, naturally, but rotation is matched by a flexing and bending action. The pliable impeller curves, deforms to fit the compact outline of the pump housing.

Applications for Flexible Impeller Pumps

The impeller is manufactured from a high-grade engineering plastic. Output is pulse-free and even, which makes the impeller the ideal solution for a number of applications. Prime among these usage areas comes applications that require a steady output profile. Wine and beverage production lines use strategically placed versions of these positive displacement devices to delicately move chemical compounds and alcoholic beverages. Certain models even work within marine environments, smoothly powering a pulse-less line of salty water through vessel hulls. Imagine a crucial bilge pump on a ship. The flexible drive system self-primes and seals in seconds before pumping the lower decks clean of dirty water.

Delivers Viscosity Mastery

Bending and straightening to generate supplementary radial impetus through the generation of a vacuum, flexible impeller pumps are found in countless applications, though those applications are scaled for man-sized scenarios. Not built for monolithic usage domains, they're far more likely to adapt to fill light-to-medium industrial or commercial settings. Additionally, viscosity is a major factor in these production environments, which means we have our next clue as to where these machines can excel. Designed to push dairy products and gooey substances without pause, the bending vanes of the impeller pass foodstuff through factory pipes without bruising the delicate ingredients of a jam or syrup. Such superior fluid management demands a high-quality material design solution, meaning the pliable polymer is typically formed from material-neutral plastics, such as members of the nitrile family.

Neoprene and nitrile impellers form the backbone of fluid transmission science, which is somewhat ironic since the rotating assembly is basically designed to function as a flexing mechanism. The pump drives our fluid commodities sector, pumping custard and jam, liquid soap and delicate pharmacological compounds from one end of a production line to the next. The pumps transfer and distribute, mix and rinse, reversing on demand so that a production vat can be filled or emptied as required. Finally, this multi-talented rubbery pumping maestro is not restricted to food-based work. Flexible pumping has an important role to fill in hundreds of applications, including the mixing and transfer of toothpaste, the mixing of paint, and a long list of extra usage areas that would fill their own chapter if we weren't to roll to a stop right here and now.

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