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Applications for Residential Pumps

Jan 30, 2015

The domestic pump is an integral part of the circulatory system of a home. The purpose of the pump is to supply the entire house with sufficient water volume and pressure. Fresh water is delivered to occupants for drinking and cleaning. Dirty water is expelled and efficiently drained. Pumps may also aid in the circulation of hot water, defeating gravity and pushing the hot fluid up to the second story of a multi-story structure. This allows for the supply of instant hot water at your tap reducing the waste of cold water. If your older house does not have great water pressure at the shower head due to low pressure hot water systems, an inline pressure booster system can increase hot water pressure to a satisfactory level. Finally, powerful centrifugal pumps are often utilized and submerged in open pits to suck seepage or grey water out and away from a flooding basement. Even nature's flash floods submit to the power of these devices, so they deserve a mention and a brief passage to highlight their influence on domestic living.

Mains Water Pump

Depending on the pressure of the mains and terrain the home is situated upon water may need boosting in pressure from the main to supply satisfactory pressure to the home. This is best achieved with the use of a constant flow controller on the pump. With this once the pressure drops the pump will continue to run until the flow of water stops. This means that even with fluctateling pressure of the mains, the pump will constant supply water at increased pressure

Constant Pressure Booster Pump

Closely related to a water mains pump, this device ensures that water pressure is kept at a pre-set pressure. An electronic controller detects any drop in water pressure and starts the pump to boost pressure. These pumps are variable speed to allow for fluctuating mains pressure, giving the household good constant pressure and flow.

Sump Pump

Known as an emergency protocol, the sump pump comes in two common form factors, the submersible variety and the pedestal model. The device has one simple function, to dispose of water accumulated in the lowest part of a building stopping flooding of the lower levels of the house.

Sewage Ejector

A corrosion and clog-resistant “cutter pump” design incorporates a powerful impeller for handling solids. The design finds its purpose in homes that have facilities sitting lower than the sewer mains level.

Emptying the grey water from a laundry cycle or acting as part of a condensate system in a refrigerator, pumps manage the fluids in the home.

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