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Avoid Health Problems Due to Water Contamination: Invest on a Whole House Filtration System

August 5, 2019

The next time that you go to your sink, take a moment to consider where you get your water from. While we have come a long way with regard to safe and available water, most public utilities are far from perfect. When you drink or bathe in water, you are trusting that the source is healthy and free of problematic chemicals, debris, and other components. Unfortunately, the only way that you can guarantee that this is the case is by installing a whole house water filtration system. Today, we are going to show the tangible ways that a filtration system can benefit your health.

Health Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration System

The goal of our discussion today is to show you that a whole house water filtration system can help you avoid health issues while improving your body. Whole house water filtration systems are growing increasingly common, so you might want to keep reading in order to see what you might be missing out on.

1) Remove Harmful Elements - Did you know that your water supply may have harmful chemicals in it? It's true! While most cities work hard to make sure that your water is clean, problems can still manifest. Let's outline a few common elements that can harm your body that a filtration system will get rid of.

a) Arsenic - Tap water can contain arsenic, a toxic element that can lead to the development of cancer.

b) DBPs - Disinfection By-products are created as a result of the water disinfection process. These carcinogens are created as a by-product of disinfection with chlorine.

c) Aluminium - Unfiltered tap water can also contain aluminium. This metal has been linked to a variety of disabilities and diseases, including liver disease, skin conditions, and even Alzheimer's.

d) Fluoride - While fluoride can be safe to consume in small doses, consuming too much of the compound can lead to seriously detrimental side effects. Fluoride might be tied to oral health, but it can lead also to a weakened immune system and cellular damage.

2) Increase Water Consumption - When you drink filtered water, you are drinking a cleaner, purer, and more beneficial beverage. Filtered water tastes better than tap water and that will lead you to drink more as a result. Increasing your water intake can lead to clearer skin, healthier organs, weight loss, and overall detoxification.

Whole house water filtration systems make a ton of sense if you want to control your water supply. If you have any reason to doubt the quality of your water, consider reaching out to our team at Parker Pumps to explore filtration options.

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