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Benefits of Having a Whole House Filtration System

May 20, 2016

It is more important today than ever before to drink clean water. It is proven that many cities treat their public's water with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals, and these can be harmful if consumed everyday, sad to say. That is why many people are buying counter filtration systems to have access to clean water without chemicals.

Under-the-counter water purifiers are even more popular than countertop types because these allow people to have immediate access to filtered water to drink, as much as they want, without having to wait for it like countertop water purifiers. There is even a whole house filtration system available that can deliver chemical free, clean, filtered water to every tap in your home.

With filtered water running throughout your whole house, whether in the kitchen, in the laundry, in the restroom, or even in the garden, you will know that the water coming out the facets is clean, safe to drink and use. Other than needing filtered water for cooking and drinking, there are other benefit of having a house filtration system that most people aren't aware about.

Whole House Filtration System

Chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that may be found in a home's water supply isn't only bad for human consumption, these are not good for a home's plumbing, for washing the clothes, watering plants or washing a car. Plumbing pipes corrode over time as 'hard water' that is high in calcium, magnesium and other chemicals erode the inner lining of your home's plumbing pipes, clothing can also become damaged while washing regularly in unfiltered water, causing their colours and material to fade and wear down.

Unknowingly, many folks have had great difficulty maintaining their gardens and house plants only to discover that the water in their homes was harming their plants. Like humans, plants need clean water to stay healthy. That is why bathing in filtered water is the best because it prevents the skin from absorbing chemicals and unwanted minerals that can cause rashes, dry out skin and even damage hair follicles.

It becomes very obvious all of the benefits a whole house filtration system can bring to you and your family, as it ensure that everyone in your home has access to the most important resource, anytime they need it – clean and safe water to drink and use.

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