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Common Causes of Damage to Swimming Pool Pumps

December 14, 2015

Well-made swimming pool pumps typically last a minimum of 5 years and 15 to 20 years with proper care. It is during this period of time that a pump starts malfunctioning if suitable precautions are not taken. However, common causes of damage to the pump can be prevented.

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Applications and Uses of Flexible Impeller Pumps

December 4, 2015

Innovative flexible impeller pumps represent a rare example of cross-design prowess. Mechanical motion rotates the impeller in that familiar fashion we all know, but a secondary driving action reinforces the pumping motion.

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The Benefits of Having Household Pressure Pumps for a Better Water Supply

November 20, 2015

Low water pressure will cause homeowners to experience an inadequate or a slow supply of water throughout the day. When this low pressure happens with water, it causes washing machines, dishwashers and bathtubs to fill too slowly to suit the homeowners.

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The Importance of Water Filtration System for Safe Drinking

November 10, 2015

Water is an essential liquid, a fluid that sustains life. We drink water and feel refreshed, bathe in it and are cleansed. It would even be fair to say that we take the life-sustaining fluid for granted at times, slipping a bottled beverage of drinking water into a backpack or lunch pack.

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green pump

Definition of Jet Pumps and Their Uses

October 27, 2015

It takes an innate sense of mechanics, a basic knowledge of physics, and a healthy dose of fluid know-how to draw water from wells. Jet pumps excel in this department.

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blue pump

Benefits of Using Submersible Pumps

October 9, 2015

A prospective customer doesn't need to be an engineer to hazard a guess at the function of a submersible pump. The label is amiably explaining its function to the masses, illustrating its purpose as a machine that works below a fluid.

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Benefits of Anti-Corrossion and Titanium Pumps

September 28, 2015

Pumps help move fluids and gasses in regulated and consistent flows under pressure. Their uses range from domestic and commercial (residential ponds, water, and sewer) to trade and industrial (submersibles, farming, petrochemicals).

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water tank

Advantages of Having Stainless Water Tank Pressure System

September 10, 2015

There are certain rock solid images that have attached themselves to stainless steel over the decades. Stainless products are built to last and have an inbuilt resistance to tarnishing.

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indoor pool

Pool Pumps: The Core Circulation System of Your Swimming Pool

August 21, 2015

Healthy water is a hugely important part of the swimming pool experience. It's not as if the water stays sparkling clear all by itself. Stand on the edge of the pool one late summer evening and you'll understand what we're talking about.

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blue pump

Applications of Pneumatic Pumps

August 12, 2015

Technical jargon can be intimidating. The language is targeted at professionals and thus conveys feelings of exclusivity, feelings that can set the average layperson on edge. Thankfully, there are certain labels that radiate simplicity and self-evident meaning. A pneumatic pump is exactly what it sounds like, a mechanism that pushes gas.

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water pump

Telltale Signs That Your Pump Needs Repair and Servicing

July 29, 2015

A number of symptoms present themselves when a pump is ailing. The signs alert building maintenance staff and a qualified technician can either repair or replace the unit before it stops functioning. The self-evident indicator in this circumstance occurs when the pump turns on and nothing is happening. The device is either totally non-functional or there's a worrying buzz emanating from the enclosure.

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water pipes

What are The Most Common Types of Water Filtration System?

July 10, 2015

Clean water is considered a major global resource, an asset that supports city life and rural communities. We need clean water in the home, to drink, to wash clothing, and for bathing.

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water pump

Water Pump Maintenance Checklist

June 19, 2015

In order for water pumps to run properly they need regular maintenance. Developing a water pump maintenance checklist will not only reduce your expenditure but it will ensure optimum performance. Here are a few tips that can keep your pump running smoothly and lower your expenses for repairs or loss in revenue due to efficiency problems.

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water from hose

What are the Advantages of Water Pumps?

June 3, 2015

Water pumps come in a wide array of types. As well, there is no ideal pump for every circumstance. One thing for certain, a water pump is mainly utilized to decrease downtime from heavy rains and to move water from area to another.

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Pumps Supplier and Repair Service in Victoria

May 28, 2015

Parker Pumps in Victoria offers supplies and repair on a full range of pumps for domestic, trade and commercial needs. They are a leading and steadfast company that has been in the pump business for numerous years.

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Water Pumps for Your Farms

May 15, 2015

There are, of course, water pumps stationed within farmhouses. They send water through pipes just like any other domestic habitat, but, for the purpose of this article at least, when we speak of water pumps for the farm, it's a separate class of pump that we're talking about.

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tap water

Whole House Filtration Systems by Parker Pumps

Apr 22, 2015

Portable water is one of the key elements of a healthy home. Lucky for folks who live in areas with questionable water quality, water filters can be installed individually in fixtures to provide homes with safe drinking water.

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tap water

Is your Water Safe? Ensuring that you have Safe Water

Apr 2, 2015

It is common knowledge that eating healthy supports well-being and prevents numerous diseases. We also know that most physicians and dietary specialists say that drinking water on a daily basis is important for good health.

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My self-priming pump does not self-prime

Mar 27, 2015

One of the many misleading terms used in the pump industry is “self-priming” This eludes to most of the general public that the pump will such water up and start pumping. Nothing further from the truth could be said.

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Identifying the working components of an electric pump

Mar 9, 2015

The housing of an electric pump can be made of cast-iron or stainless steel, zinc-coated alloys or a tough thermoplastic that guarantees non-corrosive properties.

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The Rainwater Harvesting Dilemma Solved

Feb 24, 2015

Water from the sky is manna from heaven when it falls on the dry plains of the African Serengeti and the Australian Outback. In fact, any country that's subject to interminable periods of dry weather can view a full day's rain as something akin to a miracle.

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Getting down and dirty with pump basics

Feb 10, 2015

Pumps are the backbone of fluid physics. That's a big statement, but consider the history of the pump. Each development in the evolution of the device can be traced back to an era where mankind needed an inventive boost, one on the same level as the wheel and mastery of fire.

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Applications for Residential Pumps

Jan 30, 2015

The domestic pump is an integral part of the circulatory system of a home. The purpose of the pump is to supply the entire house with sufficient water volume and pressure.

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Choosing the best water pump

Jan 12, 2015

The selection of a pump to best meet your requirements is a complex balance of many parameters. The things to take into account are many and varied but to list a few: water volume, water pressure, noise of the pump, the location of water tank and the price to name just a few considerations.

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