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Booster Pumps: What, When, and Where is it Normally Needed?

June 17, 2019

Booster pumps are an integral part of irrigation systems throughout the world. Whether you are looking to increase the water pressure that is directed toward your pool, or your home at an elevation, a booster pump can make a phenomenal difference. Having said those, there is still a serious amount of misinformation floating around with regard to the role that booster pumps play. Today, we are going to discuss when and where you would typically employ booster pumps while also going over their various benefits.

Booster Pumps 101 - Understanding Your Booster Pump

A water booster pump is an essential component in a number of different irrigation systems. Booster pumps are developed with strength and power in mind. Booster pumps help to provide an extra boost to your water pressure in order to help facilitate the movement of liquid from one area to another. While booster pumps are most closely tied to water features, you will find booster pumps being used in many industrial applications in order to move all manner of liquid. Having gotten that out of the way, let's talk about when and where you would employ a booster pump on your own.

1) Elevation Boost - If you are moving water up an elevated surface, you are going to need power in order to accomplish this task. Booster pumps are routinely used in order to push water up hills, through tall buildings, and past other obstacles. You'll find some of the largest booster pumps in the world inside of resorts, hotels, and skyscrapers.

2) Minimizing Distance - If you are pumping a liquid over an extended distance, a booster pump can help to facilitate the job. If your water's destination is a long way off from the water source, you'll need a booster pump in order to keep the liquid moving.

3) Low Water Pressure - We don't all get to have perfect water pressure in our homes or businesses. If you have low water pressure due to external issues, such as city installation or ordinances, you might feel like you are out of options. Fortunately, a booster pump can be installed in line with your water system in order to boost your water pressure.

4) Improved Efficiency - If you simply need a task done quickly, a booster pump can come into play. Booster pumps can be fitted directly inside of your home. Booster pumps can also be installed for external water sources, such as a pool or a water feature.

Booster pumps are incredibly important in the grand scheme of things, at least as it pertains to plumbing. If you need to boost your water pressure, consider calling Parker Pumps today in order to discuss your options.

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