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Can you Upgrade Swimming Pool Pumps?

March 23, 2017

Everything we own can be upgraded in some manner. Granted, we don't always use that technical term. Clothes are upgradeable. A little "bling" makes a pair of jeans sparkle, for example. From a more traditional perspective, computers are upgradeable, as are cars. With this in mind, you can upgrade swimming pool pumps. Here's how we go about this task.

Efficiency-Rated Replacement Pool Pumps

An existing pool pump likely fits a branded outline. The unit fits a small space, works with universally sized couplers and hoses, and it's already been chosen by the installer to match the capacity of the pool. It's a pool-personalized device, in other words. But it can be replaced. It'll need to be assessed so that its replacement fits the same pipes and volumetric tolerances. If these conditions are met, then arrange to have the existing pool pump replaced with an energy-efficient model, one that uses a variable speed motor.

Stop and Think

The bigger-is-better mode of thinking infects us all from time to time. On this occasion, there's an itch in the back of the pool owner's mind that says "Go bigger." Wait, though, for if the horsepower of the pump is doubled during the upgrade, will twice as much water really be recirculated? Well, as the song says, that ain't necessarily so, because there are other elements in the system that regulate the volumetric capacity. The diameter of the pipes, the type and number of filters, all of these parts hamper flow capacity. And, unfortunately, this is a complete overhaul we're now taking abut, not a simple swimming pool pump upgrade.

Economically Feasible Strategies

A fifteen-percent flow gain is likely if the horsepower upgrade is taken onboard. Is that gain practical, though, especially when the pools energy consumption figures skyrocket because of a pipe bottleneck? It's better by far to take the regulated solution, to introduce a smart multispeed motor that saves energy while still subtly increasing the volume circulated.

Finally, there's a return of investment just waiting to be grabbed when twenty-first-century engineering enters the swimming pool. These new models look much the same as their older cousins, so they'll install without problem. Meanwhile, their insides are loaded with new features. Smarter motor technology partners happily with old but universal connections to oust energy hogs in favour of an energy-efficient counterpart. These variable speed champs are quiet, powerful, and sure to return an investment by quickly making a big dent on a formerly exorbitant utility bill.

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