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Choose a Titanium Coating to Ensure a Rust-Free and Non-Abrasive Pump

September 30, 2021

Pumps help move fluids and gasses in regulated and consistent flows under pressure. Their uses range from domestic and commercial (residential ponds, water, and sewer) to trade and industrial (submersibles, farming, petrochemicals). The kind of material the pump is made from as well as pump maintenance help determine the degree of its suction, flow, discharge, and power consumption performance, which may be improved using titanium pumps and rust-free and non-abrasive coatings.

Titanium Coatings

Titanium is a preferred lightweight, strong, corrosive-resistant / non-corrosive material that has a high strength to density ratio. Overall, it is as strong as steel but comparably weighs less than half. Although it is a more expensive material, it is preferred for pumps that will be submerged and utilised in a ship and offshore applications, and industrial liquids. It is particularly suited to seawater applications. However, they are approximately twice the cost of that for a high-grade steel pump.

Titanium pumps are particularly useful for filtration or purification systems, drinking water systems, in the shipbuilding industry, offshore drilling platforms, and land-based seawater plants. Titanium sublimation pumps (TSP) are used to improve pump efficiency.

How Titanium Coatings Ensure a Rust-Free and Non-Abrasive Pump?

Rust-free and non-abrasive pumps are necessary for oil or gas operations, tanks and vessels, residential systems and appliances, agriculture, hydroelectric, thermal or nuclear, wind or wave power plants, and operations that utilise seawater cooling.

Rusty, corroded, and rough pump casings cause friction and the pump to work harder. As a result, anti-corrosive coatings increase a pump’s efficiency and life. Rust and corrosion build up over time and use. A pump’s performance and durability are increased when the pump and casings are coated. Voids are filled in and the smooth coating reduces head and flows friction, increasing the pump’s efficiency.

Non-porous barrier coatings, sacrificial coatings that corrode in accord with the substrate, and thick form fluoropolymer coatings are designed to protect equipment in abrasive environments. The optimum rust-free and non-abrasive coating solution depend on the pump material. For example, applied ceramic precision-repair epoxy fills voids and protects against abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and cavitation.

Here at Parker Pumps, we supply a wide range of pumps from many manufactures. Our range extends from low priced economical pumps to high quality, long-life pumps made by the best manufacturers in the world. We not only sell pumps, but we also service and repair all brands of pumps. We can service on-site or in our workshop. We have extensive knowledge of tank to mains systems and can service all brands of these. We aim to be able to maintain your pumps in good working order, whether it is for the back yard, house, farm or industry. Our wide range of knowledge allows us to offer you the customer an economical service and to maintain your pumps in a reliable condition.

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