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Choosing the best water pump

Jan 12, 2015

The selection of a pump to best meet your requirements is a complex balance of many parameters. The things to take into account are many and varied but to list a few: water volume, water pressure, noise of the pump, the location of water tank and the price to name just a few considerations.

We often hear from customers how big their water tank is and that they want a pump for it.

The size of the tank has little relevance to what the best pump for your application is.

The important facts are where is the tank located in relation to the where the pump will be, i.e. close by, underground, downhill etc.

Next is the question of how much water do you need and at what pressure.

Many people count the number of taps in the house, what is important is how many of these will be running at once. Take for example a beach holiday house that has five showers. It is very likely that all five showers will operate at once, where in the average house you may have two but generally only one shower at a time will operate. So once we have an idea of how much water the question is at what pressure. Is the pump a long distance from the furthest discharge point, is the house uphill or two story, is the house very long and the pump is at one end? These are all relevant issues to choosing the best pump for your needs.

Once you have the capabilities specified, then it is which type of pump is the right pump. If the water is in an underground tank, then we believe submersible pumps are the right type of pump. If the pump is near a bedroom window a quite pump should be the choice. Do you need a low price pump for the tank in the back yard for a bit of garden watering or do you need a good quality unit that won’t let you down when having your early morning shower.

Variable speed pumps are becoming popular for both the house and also the swimming pool. Variable speed pumps have the ability to reduce running costs as they speed up or slow down depending on the water demand. This gives true constant pressure and is great for both inside and outside of the house.

Here at Parker Pumps we have a wide range of pumps that meet the needs to give you the best pump for your application.

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