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Compelling Reasons to Get A Whole House Filtration System

April 13, 2023

If you're building a new house or buying an existing one, it's best to start from scratch. Did you know that you may filter the water entering your home at its source? This means you may lower the chlorine in the water you use for bathing, cooking, drinking, washing your clothing, and even spraying your vegetable garden when utilising your outdoor faucets. Here are the reasons why you need a Whole Home Filtration System.

Why A Drinking Water Filter Is Essential

A whole house water filtration system removes pollutants from incoming water, resulting in better water from every faucet in your home. Before taking a sip, you might want to add a second line of protection (a drinking filter) even though we're probably all OK with washing our hands and swimming in chlorine-free water.

Now, you may be asking why a whole-house filtration system isn't as powerful as a drinking system, or why a Reverse Osmosis system isn't available for the entire household. The longer water is exposed to a certain water filter medium, the more pollutants it eliminates. This would need a whole-house system to slow down the flow physically. Your shower, appliances, kitchen sinks, and all other faucets would lose water pressure. This is typically not a compromise people are willing to make within the household. When someone is ready to fill their glass, however, water pressure appears to be less significant.

Whenever you take a drink of water, it goes through your entire body, touching more inside surfaces than you may expect. Most water pollutants cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. All of these organs are coming into touch with these pollutants.

How A Whole-House Filtration System Operates

The Whole House Filtration System is a massive carbon filtering system that sits between your house or property's main and main water supply. The system's housing is composed of fibreglass with an HDPE liner filled with granular carbon. Water from the mains enters the system, where chlorine, pesticides, and Trihalomethanes (THMs) are adsorbed onto carbon. The treated water is then delivered to the home under pressure from the main water supply. The carbon builds sediment over time; thus, the system is equipped with a completely automated backwash control valve. A timer controls the backwash to eliminate silt, which is flushed down the drain. The backwash timer is determined according to your unique water use.

Advantages Of A Whole-House Filtering System

  • Enjoy purified water in every room of your home!
  • Safer and cleaner water.
  • The system is simple to maintain.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Better taste and smelling water.
  • Reduced skin irritation caused by chlorine in the shower or bath water.
  • Your linens and apparel will get softer! No longer will chlorine be entrenched in the fibres.
  • You will enhance their durability by shielding your clothing and linens from the harsh chemicals in the water.
  • The device protects against the carcinogenic effects of chlorine and other pollutants, resulting in far healthier water.

Whole-House System and A Drinking Water System

Again, multiple lines of defence against contaminants that could harm your and your family's health will provide you with peace of mind for years to come. Use both types of water filtration to add an extra layer of security. It has the best drinking water money can buy. Winning the battle against contaminants is simple with Parker Pumps.

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