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Different Types of Domestic Water Pumps

March 27, 2020

Today, water pumps come in a wide variety of models that fit into either the agriculture or domestic categories. The latter is for delivering water for residential uses. They are less powerful than the agricultural ones since homes and other residences do not require the same massive amounts of water as the agricultural locations do out in rural areas. In the following, we will discuss the different types of domestic water pumps to expand your knowledge on them.

1. Centrifugal pumps pump out water by using centrifugal force thus, their name. Most receive their power from electric motors. They are specially designed to deliver clear water that does not contain any solid impurities. Therefore, these pumps are primarily used to supply water to houses, swimming pools or irrigating lawns and gardens. Also, they can be utilised for emptying water tanks.

2. Borewell compressor pumps are used in borewells and can draw water from depths down to 198.12 metres. These extract the water from the top of a borewell where it contains the least amount of water with the help of air pressure for the most part, but there are Monobloc and belt-driven ones as well.

3. Submersible pumps are another type of domestic pump, and they operate underwater. The pump’s motor is completely concealed. This type of pump is typically used in well and borewells. No priming is needed since they are totally submerged in the water. You can select from well submersible or tube well submersible models.

4. Shallow well pumps are primarily for use in shallow wells in rural areas. They contain an eight-metre suction head in order to deliver superior suction capacity.

5. Pressure booster pumps perform their function by increasing the water’s pressure. This feature makes them ideal for use in houses to ensure that there is sufficient pressure to deliver water efficiently. Some locations suffer from low water pressure, and these pumps solve the issue. A tank is connected to this type of pump to maintain a constant pressure throughout the pipes in a house or residential complex.

Many areas of the world, including our own country, face periods of water shortages. That is why dams and reservoirs are constructed to store and control water for various purposes. On top of that, groundwater is a valuable source for water that is often overlooked. With numerous people moving into new locations each year, cities, rural areas and urban areas must be able to supply sufficient water at all times. Since the demand for water is increasing constantly, it is imperative to use the right pump to deliver it effectively.

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