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Effects of Pipe Strains on Pumping Systems

October 7, 2019

Running a professional pumping system requires an attention to detail. With repair expenses being what they are, it makes more sense to prevent problems by accurate early diagnosis than ever. Today, we are going to be directing our attention toward a particularly problematic pumping issue, pipe strain. Pipe strain is a convoluted issue that every pumping system operator should understand.

How Does Pipe Strain Impact My Pumping System

Before we can talk about the symptoms of pipe strain, you need to have an understanding of what the problem is. Pipe strain is created by the fundamental misalignment between the pump suction and discharge flange as well as their corresponding pipe flange connection.

Pipe strain is most commonly identified when a pumping system is not in operation, though there are situations where dynamic strain can impact a system currently in operation. Pipe strain is most often caused by poor design or installation, dynamic pressure changes, or a disruption in the traditional pumping system's process. Now that we know what pipe strain is, what can it do to your pumping system?

1) Alignment Problems -
First and foremost, pipe strain can lead to catastrophic alignment issues. Any time that you are working with an automated system, you need to have your process under tight control. Slight alignment issues can cause domino-like problems throughout the rest of your pumping system.

2) Excessive Vibration - When your car alignment is out of whack, you tend to hear it. When your pumping system has alignment issues, you'll also be greeted by a cacophony of sound. What you are actually hearing is vibration within the piping system that is caused by the pipe strain. That vibration can lead to issues throughout the rest of your pumping set-up, including further alignment damage.

3) Component Damage - As your pumping system suffers from excessive vibration, the components within it will begin to wear down. Throughout this process, you'll also begin to experience excessive thrust on these components, thus breaking them down. We obviously understand why seals, gears, and bearings are important, so we know that having them wear down is not a good idea! Unless you plan on changing out your seals and components, you'll want to address pipe strain sooner rather than later.

If you are experiencing pipe strain within your system, now is the time to handle it. Here at Parker Pumps, we have more than 50 years of industry experience. When you need pumps, pump system components, or professional pump servicing, you know who to call!

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