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Is your Water Safe? Ensuring that you have Safe Water

Apr 2, 2015

It is common knowledge that eating healthy supports well-being and prevents numerous diseases. We also know that most physicians and dietary specialists say that drinking water on a daily basis is important for good health. However, many people are not aware that their water may be unsafe to drink. In fact, your water can be contaminated with many impurities that are harmful to your health.

Common Tap Water

Tap water can contain numerous chemicals and impurities such as fluoride, chlorine, water softeners, heavy metals, bacteria, salts and other contaminants. In addition, impurities can be found in your water as a result of pollution, contaminated wells, outdated plumbing or from water runoffs.

What is more, bottled water is not always safe to drink either. In fact, a lot of bottled water just comes from the tap or from a water source that can also be contaminated. On top of that, many companies use plastic made from toxic materials such as bisphenol A (BPA) to bottle the water.

Ensuring that you have Safe Water

One of the best ways to ensure that your drinking water is safe is to use a reliable water filtration system to remove impurities. With advanced technology you can find an array of water filters to fit your individual needs. In fact, water filtration systems come in many shapes and sizes.

Under Sink Water Filters

Under sink systems provide filtered water either channeled through a separate tap or directly through the cold water line on the main faucet. The filter reduces or removes contaminants such as chlorine, chemicals and sediment. This system is easy to maintain, economical and has a high flow rate.

Single Under Sink Filter

The single under sink system is designed for on-demand filtered water that generally goes through a 4 stage filtration process with no bypass. Its design ensures maximum efficiency, easy installation and an effective filter for removing or reducing contaminants.

UV Light Water Purification Systems

This filter system is very effective in destroying certain waterborne contaminants without changing the taste of the water. It is an Eco friendly and chemical free UV water purification system that is practical, efficient and cost effective. In fact, the UV water purification system is more effective in removing waterborne contaminants than systems that use chlorine. This system is also easy to maintain and install.

Whole House Filtration Systems

Instead of buying a water filtration system for every tap in the house it is usually a lot more cost effective to invest in a whole house filtration system. This system provides safe, clean and pure water for the entire home. It is ideal for removing chemicals and sediments for all your taps, showers, dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine and even your outside faucets that lead to the garden.

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