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Essential Buying Guide for Water Pumps

May 31, 2016

Because pumps are the best way to move water, there are many types and kinds to choose from, for every purpose. So, before you head out in the market and starting looking for a new water pump, there are some things you should know first, to make the best informed decision possible. Basically, what do you need to use a water pump for? Many folks end up purchasing a pump that is much stronger than they needed, and, if it is an electric pump, then more electricity is used to run it.

This is one reason why people who use water a lot seek out newer water pumps – to save money on electricity by buying an economical water pump.

A Simple Water Pumps Buying Guide

Basically, there are two kinds of pumps, electric pumps and gas-powered pumps. The main difference between the two, besides one being an electric water pump and the other being a motorised one that operates by using either a diesel or gas engine, is that motorised pumps are usually mobile units that are used in areas where there is no electricity available. That being said, the pumps mentioned here are all electrical pumps for either domestic or commercial applications.

Domestic Pumps

Swimming pools, garden ponds, waterfalls, and larger homes with many bathrooms all need pumps. But domestic or home pumps and water filtration systems use smaller, and more energy-efficient pumps, than commercial or industrial pumps. If you are trying to replace an older pump, then you will find the information posted on it, such as the model, the size of the pump and other information that you will use to find an equal or better replacement. Taking your pump to a dealer such as Parker Pumps is advised, as pump experts can help you choose the right water pump to meet your specific need.

Commercial Pumps

Finding a commercial water pump supplier that deals in a range of pumps, such as small pumps to large hydro pumps, including single and three phase sewer pumps, and high pressure pumps for cleaning is advised because all your commercial water pumping needs can be met from a single supplier.

Honestly, there is a lot to learn about the types, kinds and functions of water pumps, that is why it is advised to let a pump professional guide your way to the right pump that you need. If you are looking for a pump supplier, then look no farther than here, at Parker Pumps, we have been in the pump business for half a century. Our friendly staff have extensive knowledge that you can benefit from to choose a water pump for your residential or commercial needs.

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