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Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting a Sewer Pump

February 7, 2020

When homeowners have basement toilets, they need an efficient working sewage pump to prevent issues from occurring. The purpose of this type of pump is to lift the flushable waste from the toilet up to the septic tank or sewer line for proper disposal of it. If the pump fails, homeowners usually replace it with a similar, if not the same, model. However, if you are in the market for a new sewer pump and are confused about what to purchase, refer to the following questions and answers to help you decide.

1. What Flow Rate Do I Require?

The necessary flow rate to serve your needs is a combination of the number of users and the number of drains that you have feeding into your sewage system. On average, though, the flow rate should be about 189 litres per person each day.

2. What Is the Vertical-Lift Distance?

You will need to determine the amount of force or pressure required to lift the waste up to the sewer system without any pressure pushing back or up to the sewer where there is push back, as your case may be. Look for a sewer pump that has the necessary power to perform for your specific situation.

3. What Are the Local Solids-Handling Requirements?

If not stated in local codes, your sewage pump needs to be able to handle solids that have a spherical shape of up to 50.4 mm in diameter.

4. How Large Should the Pump Basin Be for My Needs?

Your necessary flow rate will usually determine the basin size of your sewer pump. It needs to be the correct size to allow your pump to run longer during each cycle. In addition, the basin should allow the pump to cycle fewer times daily. Motor size will also have a bearing on how long and how many times the pump will cycle. Normally, the basin depth needs to be at least 609.6 mm in depth.

5. Should I Purchase a One-Pump or Two-Pump System?

Most homeowners only need a one-pump or simplex system to fulfil their needs with a sewer pump. Commercial buildings and other public buildings will need a two-pump or duplex system. However, if you have an abnormally high demand on your sewer pump, you need to consider installing the duplex system.

6. Should I Purchase a Sewer Pump With a Higher Flow Rate or Additional Horsepower?

By evaluating the performance information about these pumps, you will discover that they operate at greater efficiency when they are in the middle of the curve and away from the maximum flow or head. As a result, a higher flow rate or additional horsepower is not always wise since short cycling might shorten the lifespan of the pump.

Keep the above information in mind when purchasing your next sewer pump. By doing so, you will choose the best pump for your situation.

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