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FAQ: Does a Pump with a Low Operating Speed Increase Its Reliability?

August 22, 2019

Whether you want to install your own water feature or accommodating an existing one, you'll have to have the proper pump on hand in order to make the job work. Water pumps are an incredibly difficult concept for most people to wrap their minds around. The common thought process relating to water pumps is that faster, more powerful pumps are almost always going to be better at their job. With that being said, we know this not to be the case. Today, we are going to discuss how the low operating speed of a powerful pump can be significantly more reliable than higher-speed alternatives.

Pump Benefits of a Lower Operating Speed

A water pump is a water pump, right? Well, that isn't exactly the case. When selecting a water pump for your plumbing, reservoir, or water feature, you need to pay close attention to the specifications of the device. For this conversation, we are going to assume that you have a comfortable understanding of your pump demands. Instead, we are going to shift our focus toward how the speed of your pump can impact the overall reliability of the device. Let's start by outlining how a lower paced pump can provide long-term reliability.

1) Reduced Component Failure - One of the most common reasons that a centrifugal pump will break down is due to component failure. Centrifugal pumps that are set at too fast of a pace will lead to bearing failure as well as mechanical seal failure. The physical cause of this destruction is due to shaft deflection, a problem created by an impeller that has become unbalanced.

2) Reduced Operating Noise - If you want a quiet and peaceful water fixture, you can't really have a super powered pump filling the area with noise. When you operate at lower speeds, your pump's noise will be substantially reduced. While a reduction in noise is great, what is going on beneath the surface is even better. Loud noise is actually associated with potential problems beneath the hood. When your pump is operating quietly and effectively, you know that your system is working.

3) Suction Energy Levels - Higher powered pumps tend to also have higher levels of suction energy. Suction energy will increase the output of your pump's efforts, but it will also decrease the lifespan of your device. Sometimes slow and steady is the best way to win the race! A pump with a lower operating speed will have a longer lifespan when compared to a higher speed pump.

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