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FAQ: What Size of Lawn Mower Should I Have for a Specific Mowing Project?

July 31, 2020

In certain homes, taking care of your yard is a year-long affair. One of the central mechanisms that you will rely on when it comes to lawn care is your lawnmower. Unfortunately, not all lawnmowers are made for the same purpose. Additionally, all yards have their own special requirements. Today, we are going to be helping you crack the code when deciding which lawnmower to use for what yard. Let's dig in so that you can be ready to show off your green thumb this year!

Picking the Right Lawnmower

If you are looking to purchase a new lawnmower, you'll need to first take stock of your specific situation. Picking the right lawn mower can make your job easy while also making your yard look great. Conversely, choosing the wrong lawnmower can lead you down a frustrating path. Let's look at the primary lawnmower sizes that are available before delving into which application they work best in.

1) Riding Lawnmower - Let's start off our discussion by talking about riding mowers. Riding mowers are large machines that you operate from a seated position. A riding mower on the right lawn can make a huge difference. However, a riding lawnmower on a small lawn can be frustrating. You'll want at least a quarter of an acre of grass before you consider opting for a riding mower. Riding mowers are amazing time-savers and you definitely will come to love them. When operating a riding mower, make sure to have proper protective gear, such as protective earplugs and safety glasses. Take a moment to read your mower's manual before operating the machine in order to maximise safety.

2) Walking Lawnmower - Alright, so if you have a yard that is smaller than a quarter of an acre, you are going to want a walking lawnmower. With that being said, walking mowers come in a variety of types and sizes. Walking mowers can have front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Walking mowers can be self-propelled or manually pushed. Additionally, walking lawnmowers can be powered by electricity or gasoline. Are you starting to understand why there are so many options available to you?

In order to find the perfect lawnmower for your yard, you are going to have to take stock of your property. How much coverage do you need your mower to handle? Are you going to be doing the labour yourself, or are you going to be hiring help? Here at Rosebud Saw Service, we have a unique selection of lawn mowers and power equipment. No matter what you need, we can be of assistance to you.

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