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Fishpond Pumps and Filters: Proper Maintenance Guide

September 18, 2017

Having a fish pond has its benefits. They can be small ponds that welcome visitors to your home, or larger fish ponds that include a beautiful waterfall, rock formations, and an area that has a bench or table, where family members and friends can come to relax by the water. It’s true, with the right type of rocks, waterfall design, and lighting, a fish pond can transform a backyard into a visually appealing oasis.

While fish ponds are a wonderful way to create a place to relax, these do require maintenance to keep them looking good, and to make sure that the fish you have in them are kept healthy. To accomplish this requires the proper maintenance of fishpond pumps and filters.

Proper Maintenance of Fishpond Pumps and Filters

While taking care of a fish pond is important, it doesn’t have to be difficult, if you have the right equipment. When working as they should, a proper sized water pump and biological filter will keep your fish pond looking its best and your fish will be healthy too. However, when these basic components fail, so will your pond’s little ecosystem, often at the detriment of your fish. That is why up-keeping your fish pond is so important, as it will help reduce wear on your water filter and pump.

A dirty fish pond can cause the need to replace water filters pre-maturely and put an extra load on your water pump that will lead to more wear, which can cause it damage. Repairing water pumps and replacing filters is the main reason why fish ponds fail, and the best way to maintain them is to keep your pond clean, by doing the following:

  1. Use a pond vacuum to remove built up sludge at the bottom of your fish pond.
  2. Remove any leafs that fall into the pond every few days using a small net. This will keep the buildup of debris at the bottom of the pond at a minimum, and it will prevent blocking the water intake to the pump.
  3. For smaller fish ponds, it is recommended to replace 25% of a pond’s water once a month. Doing this helps to keep the water fresh and can be done during scheduled cleaning.
  4. Check and replace the water filter as needed, if it needs to be changed frequently, then you may have to increase the amount of times that you clean your fish pond each month.

Maintaining a clean fish pond is the best way to take care of your water pump and filter system. However, if you notice your pump it not pumping water like it used too, and your filter seems fine, you may want to have it inspected and repaired as needed. Parker Pumps can help you with that, we specialise in servicing all types of fish pond pumps, swimming pool pumps, and water filters.

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