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Fridge Replacement Filters: When Do You Really Need A New One?

April 17, 2018

The cleanest possible water flows towards your fridge. A compact carbon block is industriously filtering contaminants so that the appliance discharges safely processed ice. Unfortunately, permeable carbon filters aren't meant to last forever. Those gritty contaminants are bound to choke the dirt-absorbing fitting. On a different, more upbeat note, fridge filters are replaceable. If you want to know when to replace this essential water purifier, read on for more information.

Fridge Filters Protect

Playing dumb for a minute, what do you think would happen if your new fridge didn't have a filtration system? Well, depending on where you live, the lack of a water purifier could be disastrous. Waterborne parasites live in untreated water, although this kind of contamination is uncommon. Then there are ground minerals and chlorine. If your fridge has been defrosted and cleaned, yet it's still issuing an odour, it's time to for a fridge replacement filter. Of course, that example was easy enough to solve. The ice cubes were cloudy, the fridge was kicking out a strange smell, and everything else was clean. By a process of elimination, you knew the incoming water had problems. It's not always going to be that easy.

Proactive Water Safety

Change carbon filters every six months, even when there are no strange smells filling the air. The water pressure has dropped, so some invisible mechanism is at work. Furthermore, only a thin layer of ice is coating the freezer enclosure, so that pressure drop is getting worse. What about the taste problem? A family member screws up his face because an ordinary glass of water tastes foul. The glass is clean, the water is fresh, but the ice cube is cloudy. That six-month changeover is definitely coming due. Of course, that's a maximum, not a fixed replacement period. If you use the fridge every day, more water flows through the line, which means the flow rate across the filter is higher. If these problems occur before the six-month time span is up, replace the carbon filter right now.

It's curious how people miss this filtering system. They maintain their under-sink filtration units and call out an engineer to check the whole-building water filter, but the fridge water line escapes notice. Perhaps ice isn't considered an incoming commodity by some. Well, water lines branch from mains water pipes and feed fridges. Change that filter at least twice a year. If the smells and bad tastes appear before that half-yearly period has passed, again, promptly replace the fridge water filter.

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