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High Pressure Pumps for Cleaning Applications

December 12, 2016

There's something hypnotic about high-pressure pumps. That feeling mostly applies when you're observing the process. If you're using this focused stream of water, well, the situation takes on an empowering quality. Caked mud and stubborn chunks of grime crumble and fly away when the powerful jet drills its way through the muck. There's a strong force at work behind the cleaning hose, a pump that's pushing mechanical boundaries. Let's take a closer look at its brawny application base.

The Advantages of High Pressure Cleaning

This is a single-stage cleansing solution. No manual tools, besides the pressurized cleaning rod, and no abrasive chemical scouring agents are required. All that's required is the pump, a primary power source, and a hose with a rod-like tool at the terminating end. This metal wand focuses the pressurized stream and really digs down into the grime like a surgeon's scalpel.

The Anatomy of a High-Pressure Pumping Mechanism

A rapidly rotating electric motor or gas-fueled engine couples with an equally powerful water pump. Picture the resulting water jet as it travels through the pressure-rated hose. It's generating 40 gpm (150 liters per minute) of fluid momentum. That translates to 7,000 psi (48,000 kPa) of pressurized power, enough water cutting energy to blast ingrained oil and grease stains into oblivion. Control is obviously preferred at the nozzle end of this powerful stream, which is where the cleaning attachment enters the scene. This rod attachment is fitted with a trigger, a release mechanism that opens a tiny but reliable valve. Once triggered, the full pressure is available for any number of tough cleaning tasks.

Jet Water Cleaning Applications

The reinforced vane design partners with additional motor poles to ramp the torque way up so that the water accelerates down an armoured hose. Next, where are the applications for this focused stream of water? Garages and aircraft hangars use the cleaning implements to wash oil stains down nearby drains. The concrete ground does its best to anchor the oily stuff, but no obstacle can stand against the pressure generated by the pump. Additional applications include but are not limited to construction equipment washing, slaughterhouse sanitation, livestock pen washing, graffiti erasing, and many other uses.

At its heart, a robust impeller with supplementary vanes is powered by a torque-proficient motor or engine. The accelerated water then surges down a narrow, flexible channel, exits into a rigid cleaning attachment, and awaits a triggering prompt. The activating valve signals the focused exit and irresistible cleaning force of a high-pressure water jet.

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