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How Do Single Under Sink Filters Work?

May 24, 2018

An under sink filter is removing pollutants from your tap water. It's acting as a high-performance water conditioner. Okay, that's an admirable piece of apparatus, one that serves an important role, yet you still have no idea how it operates. Curious minds want to know, what kind of filtration medium operates inside the compact housing? Well, let's just say there's a multi-stage engineering marvel at work inside.

Multi-Stage Water Conditioning

An under sink filter is a small device. It installs as an in-line material scrubber, a water sieving solution that relies on no single screening medium. In place of that singular answer, a series of filtration stages work as a unified material sifting system. Several filter pads are mounted at the front of the filtration package. They're fitted with one-micron wide pinholes, which quickly stop sand and silt. An activated carbon block is next, with the charcoal absorbing the fluoride in the water.

Adding More Filtration Stages

The above example refers to a basic under sink filter. For a really flawless filtration system, though, you need more stages in the mix. For example, heavy metal removal pads stop potentially toxic minerals from entering your tap water. Behind those, ion exchange resins block the water-hardening minerals that would otherwise leave a nasty white deposit inside your kitchen appliances. Clothing colours fade and shower nozzles clog when these misty minerals saturate your incoming water. KDF media, aluminium oxide filters, and crushed coconut shells, all of these materials have a role to play inside the filtration tubing.

Installation Considerations

Expect your concealed under sink filter to unpack as a cylindrical device. Optionally, several cylinders can be arranged as a bank of pollutant scrubbing screens. They fit into the water pipe as an in-line package, with a T-shaped joint facilitating the device hook-up. Then, once installed, you can count on an obstruction-free flow for a quoted number of gallons or litres. Compact and designed to remove clutter from the sink area, these devices can also grow in size to cover the rear wall of your under-sink area. In spite of the multi-staged configuration living inside a single cartridge pack, other cartridges may be required, perhaps as an alkali filter or a bacteria screening solution.

Fitted via a T-shaped connector, your in-line under sink filter uses many layers of differently talented screening mediums. Before you purchase one of these hideaway systems, do have your water tested, for the cartridges connected to your particular device must be qualified to stop the unique blend of particles and chemicals that flow in your water supply.

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