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How Do Swimming Pool Pumps Function?

February 11, 2016

Nothing is left to chance when filling your swimming pool. The inviting blue water is pushed inexorably into the pool by an electric pump. Free of the air bubbles that would hamper flow, the water circulates, travelling through the pool plumbing. These swimming pool pumps, heart of the system that they are, hide out of sight, naturally, but not so obscured that they can't be accessed for maintenance.

Fluid Power Driven

The pump is an electric device, one that comes in an assortment of forms, but their function is always to keep the water on the move. A strainer cup typically accompanies the pump housing, and the actual pump is built on the standard centrifugal action principal, which means an impeller and diffuser assembly come into play as dispensers of the electro-mechanical force generated by the rotor and stator of the electric motor. Now, in order to size the pump inlet and select the kilowatt rating of the device, the capacity of the pool and the number of treatment stages must be evaluated as part of the final calculation. A variable speed pump and the knowledge to select the right product for the pool will be very helpful in this scenario.

Self-Priming Fluency

Centrifugal pumps armed with an impeller mechanism convert radial velocity into water pressure, but this simple action doesn't account for the beginning of the cycle. Back at the beginning, where air or a partial volume of water occupies the influent hose, water is forced into the pipe to allow the pump to overcome atmospheric pressure. Thankfully, because swimming pool pumps are usually located above the water line, modern pumps are self-priming. This simply means that the housing or vacuum chamber is kept charged with water so as to enable the impeller to start pushing water through the pipes without manual priming.

Healthy Circulation Equals Good Hygiene

If left as standing water, a swimming pool would degenerate into a bacteria-laden mess. It certainly wouldn't be fit to swim in, that's for sure. The pump stops this from happening by circulating the water through filters and water conditioners, including an integrated strainer basket. The result is crystal clear water. The water is clean, heat is infused into that water, and water treatment chemicals have been added to the mix, thus assuring you of a comfortable and healthy swim.

It's a hot topic, the planning of pool plumbing and the installation of swimming pool pumps. Talk it over with your pool experts and resolve the matter with expediency.

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