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How Pump Quality Contributes to a Successful Swimming Pool and Fountain Set Up

February 14, 2017

Proud homeowners slip contentedly into the family swimming pool when a reliable swimming pool pump is humming in the background. The branded electrical motor and its powerful impeller match pool capacity, so the entire volume of the pool is being circulated through filters while chemical conditioners treat the water. Dynamic water features, perhaps a pump-actuated fountain, rely on the same high-quality standards. Here's how that golden rule works.

Quality Equals Reliability

Sweaty holidaymakers think twice about dipping into a dirty stream, and why not? The algae and natural flora might suit the birds and local fauna, but not regular folk. Swimming pools are no different. The water needs to be kept fresh, free of stagnancy. That's why we attach a quality factor to swimming pool pumps. This high-fidelity build ensures the pool owner that the best construction materials are in use in every component, every impeller section, and every electrical winding. When quality is assured, then whole water volume circulation is assured. The thrust of our argument here is that a superior pool pump equals a healthy swimming environment.

High-Caliber Fountain Set Ups

The full circulation might of a top-notch pool prime mover guarantees total system filtration. Meanwhile, we may not be about to jump into a backyard fountain, but that doesn't mean this water ejection mechanism won't benefit from a quality-biased overhaul. A successful water feature, one that defines its outlines in terms of dynamic outflow, must be built from first-rate mechanical components. The meshing fountain elements deliver a compelling watery profile, a gurgling gush of upward moving water. Of course, the animated ejection characteristics of the fountain are regarded as a primary benefit, but there's another benefit, one that's just as important. After all, this dynamic stream may be supporting a self-contained ecosystem, perhaps a rocky base filled with gorgeous lilies. In this important example, the fountain pump is recycling the water and keeping the tiny ecosystem free of brackish content.

A capable swimming pool pump operates at a modest velocity while likely creating a full turnover of the pool volume. A functional fountain pump is semi-active, but its flow characteristics are hardly stellar. Top-notch substitutes change all of this by adding pure propulsion to the setup. They're designed to excel in every operational department, thus eliminating stagnant build-ups. Finally, the materials used in the motor and impeller housings are manufactured from the latest plastics and alloys, materials that are designed to deliver long-lasting pump functionality.

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