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How to Maximise the Use of Your Septic Pump

February 25, 2022

Buildings typically must discard wastewater to ensure that everything inside their premises will remain clean and tidy. One effective way of eliminating wastewater and all associated dirty elements is to maximise a septic system.

A septic system works oppositely to the plumbing system. A plumbing system is designed to draw in and carry potable water into various parts of a building. A septic system, alternatively, is intended to transport wastewater away from the property. The primary parts of a septic system are a septic tank, a soil dispersal area or drain field, and pipes. A septic pump, however, can be added if the wastewater cannot flow optimally. It is likewise installed if the septic tank is situated lower than the drain field.

The addition of a septic pump allows the wastewater to flow effectively towards its expected destination. If you currently own a septic pump on your beloved property, here are some notable ways how to maximise its use and functionalities.

Inspect the Pump Regularly

One way to maximise the use of your septic pump is to inspect it regularly. The design and engineering behind septic pumps are truly wonderful. Hence, they are normally expected to operate efficiently all the time. However, septic pumps and their associated septic systems must be inspected at least every three years by a professional to ensure that their components are still intact and have not obtained damages. Systems with mechanical components, alternatively, should be assessed once a year as they wear more easily than others.

Prevent Careless Disposal

Another way to maximise the use of your septic pump is to prevent irresponsible disposal of waste products. Your septic pump and its accompanying septic system might fail to perform their intended functions if you or others dispose of specific wastes into your drain. Some products that should not be disposed of in your drain are grease, oils, fats, baby wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, and other personal care products. Once these products reach your septic pump and tank, there is a huge chance that they will only accumulate and get stuck on these parts, preventing the whole system from working effectively.

Consume Water Optimally

One more way to maximise the use of your septic pump is to consume water optimally and smartly. The amount of water drained into the septic system may vary from one property to another. But to make sure that your system and its septic pump can work efficiently, you must use and consume water efficiently. Limiting your water consumption to a certain level can prevent your septic system and septic pump from working rigorously round-the-clock and processing too much wastewater. You can conserve water by using high-efficiency toilets, appropriate washing machines, and quality showerheads.

To know more about septic pumps, you can contact us at Parker Pumps. We have been in the business of pumps for 50 years and have developed an extensive knowledge of pumps and customer needs.

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