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Improving Water Quality through Effective Water House Filtration System

March 30, 2018

Don't let your taste buds be mauled by dirty water. A house filtration system will take care of the poor water quality, but what filtration solution suits your unique needs? A four-stage under sink filter fits the bill if taste is the problem. But wait, it looks like the laundry units are suffering, too. Even the bath water's looking a little mucky. Maybe a whole-house system is in the cards?

What's Reducing The Water Quality?

Depending on where you live, water authorities may be putting all kinds of chemicals in your mains water supply. There's fluoride, a substance that strengthens tooth enamel, chlorine for bacteria elimination, leached lead from old pipes, and other questionable chemical byproducts. On top of these synthetic pollutants, sedimentary particles, ground-leached minerals, and even heavy metals, all find their way into buried water pipes. Improving water quality through effective filtration system installation, you'll stop those invading pollutants in their tracks.

Presenting the Basic Water Filtration Types

Starting with the basic fluid filtration mediums, you'll move towards the advanced solutions, the filters that use active technology. First of all, replaceable active carbon cartridges typically occupy those below sink units. The charcoal blocks fluid-suspended particles, chlorine, and scale-inducing minerals. Fresh, odourless water now tumbles free from the tap nozzle. Alternatively, there are ceramic filters, rayon and cellulose mesh variants, and many other passive material solutions. If they're not up to the job, consider a reverse-osmosis unit, a piece of equipment that's capable of removing ninety-eight percent of all system pollutants. In this option, a special membrane filters the water, to the point that even fluoride can't enter your home.

Utilise a Whole House Filtration System

As mentioned earlier, a sink filtration device is a worthy addition to any home, but it's not going to clean the water as it travels to other parts of the home. Granted, you could install a refrigerator filter, one for the laundry room, and add another to the bathroom. But now you're spending cash like there's no tomorrow. Why not use a single whole house solution? Navigate over to Puretec website for more information. Basically, the Puretec WH2 series uses a series of dual stage cartridges as a sediment and chemical filtration system. Fitted to the incoming mains water supply, the dual cylinders block inbound contaminants, which means a fresh current of drinkable water flows into the home.

Designed to improve water quality in the home, you maybe can't help wondering what would happen if this house filtration system wasn't present. Well, dirty water shortens appliance lifespans. The mineral scale clogs shower heads, fades clothing, and ages water heater tanks. By the way, unfiltered water is not meant to be consumed, not when it's loaded with who knows how many chemicals.

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