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Onsite Pool and Garden Pumps Servicing and Repair in Melbourne

October 11, 2017

If you own a swimming pool or garden pond that contains a pump, there are times when you will require repairs or servicing on it since through daily use it will malfunction after awhile. When this occurs, you will want a company that will come to you to remedy your issues, rather than you having to tear apart your pool or garden pond to uninstall the pump. Luckily, if you live in the Melbourne area of Australia, you need to search no further that Parker Pumps to receive quality onsite pool and garden pump servicing and repair.

About Parker Pumps

Our company services all types of pumps for domestic and industrial clients in the area from the Wye River to Werribee. Parker Pumps first opened in the 1960s under the name of James Nott & Son, after changing ownership a couple of times, it became known as Parker Pumps and the name remains the same today. With 50 years of experience in this field, you will receive top quality attention to solve your pump malfunctions or maintenance needs. We supply a wide variety of pump brands along with servicing the same brands.

Our Pump Products for Swimming Pools and Garden Ponds

To repair your pool and pond pump issues when a replacement is necessary, we stock the Onga brand of pumps since we are a dealer for this manufacturer. We select this manufacturer since it delivers high-quality, innovative products that you can rely on all throughout the season or year as the case may be for your situation. Parker Pumps values your patronage and understands that they only way to keep it is to bring you satisfactory service with reliable products.

Onsite Services

Upon your request, we dispatch one of our skilled technicians to your location for your convenience. They examine your system, replace water filters, or replace your existing pump if necessary. Also, if you are in the process of setting up your pool or garden pond, our technicians can advise you on the right Onga pump for your setup.

For further details about our onsite pool and garden pump servicing and repair in Melbourne, contact Parker Pumps or browse through our website. Along with our domestic pump offerings for swimming pools and garden ponds, we provide a wide range of pumps for trades, such as plumbing, and commercial water, sewer and production pumps. On top of all of this , we offer an extensive selection of filtration products and systems. Rely on our company for reliable, durable results.

Parker Pumps

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