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Pond and Fountain Pumps: Are there any Differences?

December 14, 2018

Having a water feature in your back or front yard can be a great way to develop some personality on your property. Whether you are talking about a beautiful fountain or a serene pond, these water features can go a long way toward making your house stand out among the crowd. While both of these water features might seem similar, and they are in a variety of ways, there is one core difference that we need to address: the type of water pump that you rely on. Choosing a water pump for your water feature is important and many people are confused: is there truly a difference between pond and fountain pumps?

Pond vs. Fountain Pumps: What's The Difference

A pond and a fountain don't seem like two dramatically different applications. Why then do we need to be careful so as to select the right water pump for their operation? Are there even any key differences between the two styles of pumps? Water pumps are advanced pieces of equipment that work to help you circulate water in your reservoir. In a pond, this water pump is charged with mere circulation and cycling duties.

With a fountain, of any size, your water pump is going to be charged with circulating water before jettisoning it out and through whatever top-level orifice your design requires. The two applications even seem similar, so what differences could we need to ponder?

1) Fountains May Require More GPH - When you are shopping around for water pumps, one of the primary statistics that you will be paying attention to is that of the GPH. GPH stands for 'gallons per hour' and it is a signifier of the strength of your pump when pushing water around. A pond that is simply circulating water will not require as high of a GPH as a fountain will.

2) Horsepower Requirements - Additionally, you'll need to look at how tall your fountain actually is. The taller your fountain, the more horsepower you will need from your pump. Ponds again do not have those same requirements. For fountain pumps, pay attention to the 'pumping height' on the packaging.

As far as differences between the two styles of pumps, those primarily cover it. Water pumps are water pumps and there aren't going to be too many pivots between the different styles. Essentially, if you want a water pump for your fountain you just need to pay attention to horsepower and pumping height. If you want a pump for your pond, stay focused on GPH as your primary motivator when making a pump selection.

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