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Pond Pumps for the Koi Fish Enthusiast

July 29, 2016

A healthy Koi pond creates the perfect environment for these colourful fish. The water is clear, the pH levels are neutral, and the piscean swimmers lazily explore their tiny lagoon. Pond pumps are an essential part of this balanced environment, for this mechanical fluid mover keeps the watery ecosystem in good condition. The pump stops stagnancy from overtaking the pond. It circulates the water and creates a pleasant gurgling tone that really emphasizes the tranquil nature of this garden feature.

Fish Breathe Oxygen

That calming water-tumbling effect is mostly window dressing, in effect, because pond pumps serve a vital function, one that goes far beyond aesthetic considerations. The appliance aerates the water, which enables the Koi to receive oxygen. Every living creature, even those that live underwater, need oxygen to flourish.

Pond Pumps on Display

Defined by their compact housings, the appliance incorporates a waterproof power supply and a self-priming mechanism. A special impeller pushes the water rapidly around connected pipes. The low-turbulence design is structured to maximise water flow while retaining quiet operation, all the better to maintain the ripple-free surface of the pool. Again, the Koi are supplied with plenty of aerated water, but the liquid isn't afflicted with the kind of life-disturbing turbulence found in more energetic pumps.

Diligently Protects the Local Ecosystem

Another effect of stagnant water can be seen in any puddle that's been standing in the shade for days. The puddle refuses to evaporate, which leads to undesirable occupants moving in on the puddle. Mosquito larvae float on the dirty water, with flies buzz noisily around the edges. Sanitary conditions go straight out the window. Therefore, the secondary task of the Koi pumping mechanism is to circulate the contents of the pond and keep everything fresh.

Naturally Filtered Water

Next, we turn our Koi-tuned spotlight on filtration. Filters work in concert with the natural features in the pond, the plant life and rocky elements that also serve as decorative influences. Harmful bacteria is removed in this way, as are the growths that generate oxygen-choking algae.

Pumps for Koi ponds are an essential fixture. They aerate the pond and gift it with circulating energy, thus preventing it from acting as a home for mosquitoes and other garden pests. Now, with these factors firmly in mind, do purchase a branded model, a high-quality pump that's intelligently sized to properly circulate the water. Remember, the right pump will keep your Koi hale and hearty as they swim happily around their pond.

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