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Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Fishpond and Garden Water Feature Pump

March 29, 2022

You along with your family and friends gain much enjoyment from your attractive fishpond and refreshing waterfall wall. Yet you need to remember that without good preventive maintenance, the pump for your lawn and garden’s pond and water feature would fail to operate properly. Enjoying the beauty of these two outdoor attractions on your home property would no longer be possible.

Tips for Expert Preventive Upkeep of Your Fishpond and Garden Water Feature Pump

Expert advice for top-quality preventive maintenance of your home property’s fishpond and garden water feature pump includes the following tips:

1. Schedule a Midsummer Pump Inspection. By scheduling a midsummer pump inspection by your local pond and water feature experts, you can have your pump thoroughly cleaned and checked for optimal performance. The pond filters will also be cleaned, and this procedure should be repeated two additional times during the year.

2. Pull the Pump and Clean the Impeller. Your pump maintenance expert will pull your pump apart and clean any dirt and debris from around the impeller. If you have a magnetic drive pump, your maintenance professional will also clean the impeller mechanism thoroughly.

3. Prune Aquatic Plants. Your maintenance expert will trim all aquatic plants and add fertilizer if they require revitalising.

4. Inspect All Submerged Lights. Your pump inspector will check all underwater lights for stable electric or battery connections. They will also replace any cracked or broken lights.

5. Check for Low or Cracked Edges. Have your pump maintenance and repair professional check your fishpond and water feature for any low, broken or cracked edges. If any are found, have your inspector repair them.

6. Inspect Fish Visually. Your professional pump maintenance person or team will observe and inspect the fish in your pond. Since the spawning season should be coming to an end, your inspector(s) will look for sores and other signs resulting from this yearly ritual.

7. Inspect All Other Pond and Water-Feature Parts. All additional parts of both your fishpond and water feature will be carefully examined for top-quality performance. This includes such parts as the auto-fills and the scarecrows. Any parts that are not operating at optimal capacity will be tweaked, repaired or replaced as needed.

When you contact our experts at Parker Pumps located in East Geelong, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, information, installation and maintenance services for your fishpond and lawn and garden water feature pump.

When you engage our services, our top-rated maintenance team will examine all of your pump’s operating features and performance for optimal quality. If any malfunction or worn and damaged parts are detected, our maintenance staff will make all of the necessary repairs, replacements, upgrades and improvements.

Our superb team will ensure that your pond or water feature pump offers premium-calibre performance at all times to comply with our high standards. They know how much beauty and style your pond and decorative water feature design can add to your home's exterior areas. Our team will return your outdoor pond and water feature pump to its original excellent operation to satisfy your preferences, needs and continuous enjoyment.

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