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Pumps Supplier and Repair Service in Victoria

May 28, 2015

Parker Pumps in Victoria offers supplies and repair on a full range of pumps for domestic, trade and commercial needs. They are a leading and steadfast company that has been in the pump business for numerous years. In fact, the business started in the early 1960’s with Phil Parker purchasing the business in the late 1990’s. Moreover, the well-known pump business has been on the same site since it opened its doors.

Parker Pumps offers good old fashioned amenities, product expertise and services for both domestic and industrial clients from Werribee to Wye River. Additionally, they have an extensive knowledge in the field if you are ever in need of a new pump.

Quality and Economical Products

Parker Pumps has a vast array of pumps that ranges from the most economical to high quality pumps made by the best known manufacturers around. Moreover, their service is superb and their expertise immense. They will service on site as well as in their workshop, whichever is the most convenient. Furthermore, Parker Pumps has been in the business for over 50 years and has all-encompassing knowledge in every type of pump imaginable. Because of their expertise, they get the job done quickly and efficiently making it more economical for their customers.


Parker Pumps has the exact pump to fit your needs weather it is for your home, backyard, garden pond or swimming pool. They can service your pump on site, change the water filters if needed and will give you feedback on the appropriate pump that fits your application. The right feedback will save you time and money by getting correct information and the appropriate unit. As well, Parker Pumps has been in an Onga dealer for over 40 years and keeps their supplies well stocked. Onga pumps have a long standing reputation for durability, reliability and a reasonable price.


Parker Pumps has an all-inclusive range of pumps for the plumber and trade. Their expertise will direct you to the right pump, saving you time and money. As well, their long list of quality pumps come in a variety of prices to fit your budget. Equally, Parker Pumps has the best pumps you can get on the market, from storm pumps to sump pumps and more.


Parker Pumps has a wide selection of pumps to fit your commercial needs such as production pumps, water pumps and sewer pumps.

Water Pumps: When it comes to water pumps it is essential that you get the right pump for the application. Otherwise, too small a pump and it is overworked, too large a pump is not cost effective. Parker Pumps knows exactly what type of pump is best for every commercial application. They also have the leading brands including small pumps like Regent pump, submersible pumps and large industrial pumps such as Hydro Grundfos set.

Sewer Pumps: Sometimes it is difficult to find the exact pump you need for your sewer. As well, many services really do not understand all systems. However, Parker Pumps is knowledge in all aspects of sewer pumps and has single and three phase sewer pumps like Ebara, Grundfos, Lowara and Zenit. They also have a wide range of sizes from 0.75kW to 100 kW

Production Pumps Requests: Parker Pumps is knowledgeable in every type of pump you can imagine. They supply pumps for high pressure cleaning, pumps to remove acid, chicken liver pumps and more. And if you do not find the pump that you need, Parker Pumps can have it custom made. As well, they can modify or assemble a custom made pump to the exact specifications needed for the job. For example, Parker Pumps has supplied Titanium pumps for forceful liquid movement and column pumps made entirely from plastic.

Parker Pumps

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