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Puretec R Series Systems: How UV Water Purification Works

November 6, 2023

Discover how Puretec R Series UV water purification systems operate. Available at Parker Pumps, enhance your property’s water quality. Call (03) 5229 7443.

Ensuring the purity and safety of your building’s water supply is of utmost importance. Puretec R Series UV water purification systems offer an effective and environmentally friendly solution. They also operate to provide more benefits that can protect the occupants’ health. We, at Parker Pumps, can install and maintain these systems to ensure you enjoy their features and advantages. 

An Overview of UV Water Purification

Ultraviolet or UV water purification is a cutting-edge technology and process that takes advantage of UV light’s natural power to disinfect and purify water.

This process can be achieved mainly by water being exposed to UV light. As water flows through a chamber in the UV purification system, it is expected to be exposed to a UV lamp. This lamp emits ultraviolet light at a specific wavelength to inactivate harmful microorganisms. 

The UV-C light, specifically, penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa to disrupt their DNA. Through this element, it can effectively neutralise the ability of the microorganisms to reproduce and cause harm. 

Upon passing through the UV chamber, the water is free from harmful microorganisms and pathogens, which makes it safe for consumption and other essential uses.

Puretec R Series UV System Benefits

A product that Parker Pumps offers to property owners that can carry out UV water purification comes from Puretec. Puretec is a premium manufacturer of water filters and purifiers in Australia and other countries. With its R Series UV water purification systems, a wide range of benefits can be expected. Some of these benefits are as follows.

 Comprehensive Disinfection: The UV technology of these systems can effectively eliminate a wide range of waterborne contaminants, which provides thorough disinfection of water without using any hazardous chemicals like chlorine. Their comprehensive disinfection also allows the processed water to be safe from causing serious illnesses like cancer. 

• Better Water Taste and Odour: These systems additionally maximise UV treatment that does not alter the taste or odour of water, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience.

• Quick Operations: Puretec R Series’ UV purification works rapidly, delivering safe water on-demand without the need for costly and space-consuming storage tanks.

• Minimal Maintenance: Puretec R Series systems require minimal maintenance, with light replacement typically needed only once a year.

• Environmentally Friendly: UV purification is a green technology that does not introduce harmful byproducts into the water or environment. Therefore, it makes the installation of the Puretec R Series an eco-conscious choice for your property.

• Cost-Efficient: Ultimately, all benefits of these systems make them cost-efficient in the long run, reducing the need for bottled water and chemical treatments.

Puretec R Series UV water purification systems offer a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for safeguarding the water supply of your building. By harnessing the power of ultraviolet light, these systems provide reliable protection against waterborne contaminants, ensuring that you and others enjoy clean, pure water for drinking, cooking, and everyday use. Working with Parker Pumps can help you gain access to these advantageous UV water purification systems.

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