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Puretec R Series UV Water Filtration System: What Is It And How It Works

March 9, 2023

Have you ever pondered how contemporary water purifiers remove all impurities from water and render it fit for human consumption? The technology utilised to purify the water is doing all the work here. Using ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect water is now one of the most prominent methods employed by contemporary water purification systems.

The most effective water purifiers for the house available from Parker Pumps offer Puretec R Series UV filtration to deliver clean, risk-free drinking water. The use of ultraviolet light to disinfect water is discussed here, along with other pertinent facts.

How Can Water Get Purified Using Ultraviolet Light?

UV water purification systems eliminate any microorganisms that may be present in the water through the utilisation of ultraviolet radiation to do so. UV rays fully eradicate water-borne bacteria and stop their ability to reproduce by causing damage to the DNA of the organisms. In addition, UV rays do not cause any alterations in the water's chemical composition. Because of this, water that has been cleansed using UV rays does not contain any potentially hazardous bacteria and maintains its natural flavour.

In today's water purification systems, low-pressure mercury vapour lamps are used. These lamps generate UV radiation at a calibrated level. The mercury vapour lamps are installed in a way that prevents them from coming into touch with any water.

Advantages Of Using Uv Light To Disinfect Water

Selecting a water purifier that utilises UV filtration is advantageous for various reasons.

Rapid Decontamination Of Water At A Moment's Notice

The ability to instantly purify water is among the most significant benefits of utilising a UV water purifier. As soon as you turn on the power supply, UV water purifiers may begin the process of purifying water.

No Chemicals are Employed in the Purifying Process

The use of chemicals is not required in UV water purification systems. Since it has not been treated in any way, the water retains its natural appearance, aroma, and flavour.

A Strategy That Minimises Costs

UV water purifiers have a low overall cost since their mercury vapour lamps use around the same amount of electricity as a regular light bulb and cost about the same amount of money.

Eliminates A Significant Quantity Of Pathogens And Bacteria

The ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by UV water purifiers can eradicate many pathogens and bacteria in the water, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and E. coli.

Instructions For The Upkeep Of Uv Water Purifiers

UV water purifiers have a potentially lengthy lifespan, particularly if they are well-maintained during their use. To ensure that your UV water purifier continues to operate without any hiccups, the following preventative maintenance suggestions have been provided for you:

Ensure That The Interior Components Are Periodically Cleaned

Minerals and other minuscule particles suspended in the water can collect and cause the interior components of UV water purifiers to get tarnished over time. As a consequence of this, the performance of the appliance may suffer as a consequence because the accumulation of deposits in the glass housing of the mercury vapour lamp may obstruct the passage of UV rays. Once every one or two months, depending on the quality of the water delivered to your home, you should clean the interior components of the appliance.

Changing Out the Ultraviolet Light

UV lamps have a propensity to solarise, which can result in a gradual decline in the intensity of the light they emit. If the UV light of a water purifier is repeatedly switched on and off, this is an accurate description of the situation. Every year, you should have the UV lamp in your water purifier inspected by a trained specialist and replaced if it has begun to solarise.

You have your choice among a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge water filters. We have a comprehensive range of cutting-edge water purifiers, including models that employ UV filtration and other cutting-edge water-purifying technologies. Browse the items we have here, or get in touch with us.

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