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Purposes of Flouride Removal Filters in Water Purification and Filtration

August 27, 2018

If you are looking to take control of the water supply coming into your home or business, you are obviously going to need to spend some time looking at water filtration. There are many different kinds of water filtration devices available that serve to filter out a wide variety of different chemicals and components. Today, we are going to shine a spotlight on the removal of fluoride from our water by way of a filtration system. While many people talk about removing fluoride from their water, few actually take the time to understand why they should have the chemical removed as well as the specific benefits that come from filtering it. Let's dig into our discussion.

Fluoride Removal Filters for Water Purification

The truth is pretty simple, there is a lot going on in our water that we don't realise. However, once you commit to filtering your water, you come to learn about all of the chemicals that were in your life. While there are a whole range of chemicals that we could discuss, our focus today is instead going to be on one single and controversial chemical: fluoride. Fluoride is typically added to city water supplies due to the fact that it can help to protect our teeth, but that isn't really an explanation as to what it is and that isn't convincing enough for us to talk about filtration. Let's lay this out in more detail.

1) Fluoride - An Explanation - Fluoride references any compound that specifically contains the fluorine ion. Fluoride can be found naturally, in water and soil, in the form of calcium fluoride. This isn't what you are likely filtering out when you look at our fluoride removal filters. The fluoride that you are seeking to remove is traditionally added by city governments in order to help people protect their teeth from decay.

Alright, so we've talked a little bit about fluoride as a compound, now we can start talking about removing fluoride via water filtration devices. We won't get into the weeds on the various water filtration devices out there. Instead, we'll talk about the purposes behind these fluoride filtration devices.

1) Purification - With water filtration systems, your goal is to typically get your water as clean as possible. This involves removing chemical components such as fluoride.

2) Safety - While fluoride is ostensibly a safe chemical in your water, it is possible to over-consume it. The truth is, you never know the dosage of fluoride in your water. It's far safer to just remove fluoride via filtration. If you are concerned about potential tooth decay, it's safer to get your fluoride from sources such as toothpaste.

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