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Should Your Pump Be Repaired or Replaced? Knowing When the Time Is Right

January 19, 2016

Pumps serve a variety of purposes from delivering water to a swimming pool to pumping acid for commercial applications. Even though pumps serve a variety of functions, they all have one thing in common, namely they all need repairing or replacing occasionally. The trick is for you to understand when a simple repair is enough to return the pump to functionality and when it needs a replacement instead.

When a repair only requires an expensive part or two, there is no need to perform an entire pump replacement. If the repair process involves replacing too many parts, though, it is a smarter investment to replace pumps with new units. Just add up the cost of the parts and the time it takes to install them to realise we are right in this statement.

Other times, pumps can outlive their parts' availability. When you cannot buy the parts necessary to replace your pumps, it is time to buy a new one. You should remember, though, there are shops that can machine certain parts when they are no longer available on the market. Research your options thoroughly before you opt for a new unit under these circumstances.

Pumps that are over about 12 years of age you should replace rather than repair. The reason we say this is that other parts are in danger of failing when pumps are this age. This leads to an additional pump repair quickly, and by the time you add up all the repairs in a year of two, you will pay a higher price than a new unit will cost.

Anyone who has experience with operating pumps also understands there are times that a unit fails for an unexplained reason and as much as you try, you just cannot return the unit to operational condition. Just another reason that a pump replacement is necessary rather than a pump repair.

At times, the pumps you utilise in commercial operations become obsolete for the new system you need to install that the pumps feed into for one purpose or another. Upgrading equipment is necessary periodically for companies to stay in front of the competition.

Keep these facts in mind when you analyse your present pump to decide whether or not to replace or repair it. Turn to our company of Parker Pumps for new pumps or parts to repair your existing ones. We are experts in our field and guarantee satisfaction.

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