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Signs that Indicate Your House Water Pump is Bad

July 31, 2020

House water pumps are intended to draw water from the nearest source of water supply and move it to your tank or any kind of storage for future use. Most of the time, these water pumps work together with pressure tanks to effectively provide storage for water and regulate the water pressure at home.

Without house water pumps, it would be difficult for you and your family to get and obtain the needed water supply for your daily home activities such as washing the dishes, running the washing machine, or simply taking a shower. The same difficulties may be experienced if your current house water pump is behaving badly. If you suspect that your water pump is in grave condition, then here are some signs of a bad water pump that you must watch out for.

Unstable Water Pressure

A bad house water pump usually gives off an unstable water pressure or supply to your taps and showers. Your pump may have a failing electric motor, which must be repaired or even replaced as soon as possible. Iron bacteria, slime, scales, and other miniature elements may have also clogged certain parts of the pump that affects the overall water pressure in your home. If you have detected iron elements on your water supply, then your house water pump must be cleaned thoroughly.

Cloudy or Muddy Water

If you start to notice the presence of cloudy or muddy water out of your taps or showers, then your house water pump may be failing. The discolouration in the water usually indicates that the pump does not effectively filter foreign debris anymore. Sand, silt, and other types of particles may have entered your water supply line. And when these particles continue to enter your water pump, they may subsequently damage the components of the pump and degrade any valves due to friction.

Blaring Spitting Faucets

Another clear sign of a bad house water pump is the occurrence of blaring and noisy spitting faucets. This specific situation usually means that there is an unnecessary entry of air spurts in your whole plumbing system. Any leaks, cracks, or breaks in the water pipes may cause this specific issue. A malfunctioning house water pump may also cause spitting faucets to exist. You can also check for the pressure tank bladder if it has leaks, cracks, or damages.

Noisy Pressure Tank

The pressure tank is equipped with air to make them work effectively. However, when its bladder leak or lose air, then a constant or rapid clicking noise from its pressure switch will come out. Once the air reaches the water pump, it can consistently affect the performance of its motor. As a result, the motor will mostly start and stop out of nowhere, which then damages and strains it in the long run. So, if you hear some noise in your pressure tank, then it means that your house water pump’s motor has acquired damages.

Soaring Electric Bills

A bad house water pump can also affect your overall electric bills since it is mostly run by electricity. When the components of your house water pump must deal with all damaging elements, it is technically forced to exert extra effort and consume much more energy just to perform its functions. Some of the house water pump’s components will have to work overtime for them to meet the water demands of your home, which then results in the immediate rise of electric bills.

Knowing these signs will help you determine if your house water pump is becoming bad. If you want it to be fixed or maintained, feel free to contact us at Parker Pumps.

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