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Submersible Pump Problems and What You Should Never Do

April 11, 2022

Over the years, submersible pumps have proven their functionality and versatility. However, like any other motors, they are not immune to serious problems and damage.  To avoid these problems, knowing the most common submersible pump problems is very important if you own one. The following are the most common problems of submersible pump and what you should never do if one of these suddenly happen to your submersible pump.


One of the most common problems of submersible pumps problems is overheating. If the motor overheats, it will affect the other parts and might cause the submersible pump to malfunction. That is why it is very important that you do not allow it to reach its boiling point to avoid losing its lubricating film and overall motor failure will likely occur and cause a breakdown.

Loss of Cooling Flow

A loss of cooling flow defeats the purpose of the submersible pump.  This is a very serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately and not allowed to worsen to prevent more serious damage to take place.

Damaged Insulation System

A damaged insulation system is also a common problem for submersible pumps which is often caused by a severe voltage spike. Constant checking and inspection of surge protectors are highly advisable to ensure that if severe voltage spikes, they can be prevented or mitigated. You should not allow a severe voltage spike to happen otherwise it will damage your submersible pump.

The Motor Runs Backwards

In case your submersible pump runs reverse, you should never do self-fixing to prevent worsening the problem. Your submersible pump might be experiencing reverse rotation causing it to run backwards. Only a professional with extensive knowledge in submersible repairs can do the job efficiently and expertly. At Parker Pumps, aside from supplying a wide range of pumps from manufacturers, they also service and repair all pumps.

Internal Damage

Internal damage like improperly attached or broken cables and other parts of the submersible pump is likewise the most common submersible pump problem. Regular maintenance and cleaning should not be neglected and must be done frequently to check if there is cable damage or any internal damage that needs fixing.

Submersible pumps are made of complicated components and parts that need careful maintenance and cleaning from time to time. Which explains why individual malfunction and damage of its components and parts are inevitable. Regular inspection and maintenance play a big role in keeping it in good, working condition and for your submersible pump to serve its purpose for a longer period. Don’t ever do a DIY job if you’re unsure of what is really happening and how to do the repairs yourself.

To help you with the maintenance and repair of your submersible pump, call Parker Pumps to help you maintain your submersible pump in good working order and reliable condition.

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