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Understand the Difference between Single Phase and Three Phase Pumps

April 28, 2022

An in-depth understanding of the single-phase and three-phase pumps is key to selecting the ideal configuration for your application. Generally, these two power phases are used by pumps to operate. And for you to know which type is suitable for your application, we will help you understand the difference between single-phase and three-phase pumps.

Starting Mechanism

When it comes to starting mechanism, three-phase pumps are self-starting. Unlike single-phase pumps, three-phase pumps do not need external means for starting.

Single-phase pumps are not self-starting and will need a starting mechanism for starting. This is because the stator flux used in single-phase pumps is the alternating type, not the rotating type. So, the rotor must still have to be set in motion and create a magnetic field to make the rotor move after the switch has been activated. 

Target Application

Three Phase pumps are commonly used for motors greater than 5HP. They are often found in industrial facilities and huge commercial establishments since their facilities and establishment use large equipment to operate their business.

Single-phase pumps on the other hand are widely used in residential areas and some commercial buildings since single-phase pumps are only intended to be used to operate devices and appliances under 1000 watts. They are primarily used for household applications and appliances with lighter loads like refrigerators, electric fans, compressors, blowers, and portable drills.

Maintenance and Repair

With regards to maintenance and repair, three-phase pumps are difficult to repair and maintain unlike single-phase pumps because they hare composed of more complicated parts than those with single-phase pumps.

Compared to three-phase pumps, single phase pumps require less maintenance since they are more compact and smaller in size compared to three-phase pumps. Single-phase pumps do not also require constant repairs since they are not as complicated as the three-phase pumps.

If you need professional guidance in selecting the ideal configuration for you, call us and we will be glad to assist and guide you. At Parker Pumps, we supply a wide range of pumps from many manufacturers.Our range extends from low priced economical pumps to high-quality, long-life pumps made by the best manufacturers in the world. We not only sell pumps, but we also service and repair all brands of pumps. We can service on-site or in our workshop. We have extensive knowledge of tank to mains systems and can service all brands of these. We aim to be able to maintain your pumps in good working order, whether it is for the back yard, house, farm or industry. Our wide range of knowledge allows us to offer you the customer an economical service and to maintain your pumps in a reliable condition.



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