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Understanding the Functions of Swimming Pool Pump and Filter System

April 29, 2020

Swimming in a pool is a refreshing way to free yourself from the heat of the environment. This specific activity can also alleviate stress and relax our mind and body. Having a swimming pool in your home can be a good thing. However, it is still important for you to know some of its components and how they function to keep your pool functional.

Water Circulation in a Pool

To fully enjoy the benefits of a pool, it must have clean and safe water. One of the few steps in making the pool clean is circulation. This step is responsible for filtering and cleaning the water of your pool. It also enables the spread of chemicals that can make your water free from any germs and bacteria. Other steps of cleaning rely heavily on circulation, so you need to get this specific step right.

A high-quality water circulation will only be possible with the help of two pool components: pool pump and filter system. The actual circulation of your pool water is performed by the pool pump, while the water filtration is done by the filter system. Pool pumps create the flow of water that circulates chemicals evenly on the pool. They also carry the water from the pool to the filter, heater, and chlorinator for the overall cleaning of the water.

The filter system, on the other hand, effectively removes particles that make your water filthy and dirty. They can also serve as your defence against irritants that can aggravate your skin, lungs, eyes if you stay on the pool for too long. Another function of the filter system is that it balances the chemicals found on your water, maintaining a high-quality swimming experience. Any strong odour from the chemicals can be minimised through this system.

Choosing Pool Pump

As much as possible, the combination of the pool pump and filter system can unite efficiencies at the low-cost energy level. So, when purchasing them, you must check their efficiencies first for them to match your pool size. If you do not match them with your pool volume, you may be surprised by how high your electricity bill can get, even without getting any real benefits.

In choosing your pool pump, it is also important to consider its brand. Some pool pump brands can be very efficient but draw a lot of power. So, you must choose a pool pump brand that offers great performance at the expense of less power. Doing this can help you save money and avoid getting headaches over your bills.

Maintaining Filter System

Your filter system, alongside your pump, must also be installed correctly to avoid any malfunctions. You must also subject them under regular maintenance to avoid incurring unexpected expenses in the long run.

Your filter system plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your pumps, so you must maintain it regularly. Remember, a well-functioning pool filter must have low pressure. It must also allow the pump to circulate more water and remove more unwanted materials. To check if your filter still functions well, just check its pressure indicator as it can show you the maximum pressure at which your filter system should work.

Understanding the functions of the pool pump and filter system can help you determine if they still perform optimally. Knowing how to choose and maintain them is also essential for you to have a great and safe swimming experience. For more information about these components, you can contact us at Parker Pumps.

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