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Uses and Applications of Grunfos Hot Water Circulation Pumps

November 21, 2016

Grunfos hot water circulation pumps excel as compact appliances. Manufactured according to a focused design model, the branded units work efficiently and intelligently. As a result, hot water immediately tumbles forth when a sink faucet or shower control receives an activating twist. Here's a more detailed look at the uses and applications of these convenience-oriented mechanisms.

Open-Area Intelligent Circulation

A compact hot water circulator is typically a dumb workhorse, but the latest generation turns this operational model on its head. They supply multi-level schools and widely spread housing complexes with an instant-on warm water supply. Internal rotor and stator components focus on energy efficiency while the impeller generates enough momentum to keep the water on the move, down long stretches of pipe and up longer vertical sections. Additionally, the smart features actually learn heating patterns, so the water supply is always hot thanks to this intelligent management setting. The result is more energy savings.

Light Automation Applications

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. Keen manufacturers have a habit of throwing new features at their appliances to see what sticks. The Grundfos difference rejects this trend. The better course of action, says Grunfos, is to deliver an automated product that does its job better than any other pump in its class. Light industrial, commercial, and domestic applications readily identify with this philosophy, so compact hot water circulation pumps benefit from nothing more than a little automation and a lot of high-quality parts. Again, a program provides the smart features. The automated pump measures flow, checks to see when that flow is in high demand, and then it uses a variable speed mechanism to adapt its performance curve.

Appliance Sharing Features

When we visualize hot water pumps, we're thinking of blind, underpowered contrivances living invisibly behind a water heater or in a closet. At their heart, the pumps we're describing here are free of short-sighted design features. Instead, there's a level of intelligence that's meant for the latest energy efficient systems. The convenience factor obviously addresses sinks and bathtub usage, but it also dictates the shrinkage of the energy envelopes created by other appliances. Swimming pool circulatory lines conform to this principle, as do washing machine and dishwasher linkages.

An always-ready hot faucet is a usable convenience for some. For others, well, it's an energy efficient wash cycle or stain-free dishwasher program. Regardless of the application, the correct Grunfos hot water circulating pumps always excel in their chosen job.

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