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Uses and Applications of Submersible Mixed-Flow Column Pumps

December 9, 2016

Submersible mixed-flow column pumps work deep below the ground to raise fluids from the bowels of deep wells. But make no mistake, we're not necessarily talking about fresh water. That's right, column pumps are imbued with enough mechanical muscle to shift thick solids, including the smelliest, foulest pools of raw sewage.

Moderate Duty Well Dwellers

Three and five vane impellers have enough ingrained torque to really push mixed-medium fluids. In the case of a medium-sized well, submersible mixed-flow column pumps will easily overcome a medium head so that turgid liquid/solid mixes will readily move up a long pipe, straight to the top of a deep hole in the ground. We tend to hide such pumping applications underneath manhole covers, but their applications are easy enough to imagine, beginning with wastewater disposal.

All Kinds of Wastewater

A depth handling feature couples naturally with a high flow design, so expect high-end column pumps to function efficiently within dozens of challenging scenarios, places where dirty water needs to be quickly evacuated. Land irrigation applications benefit from this deep bore fixture, as do flood water mediation situations. That latter usage area looks a bit like a submersible basement pump, but this version is scaled to remove much larger volumes of muddy water.

Double-Duty Sewage Deterrent

Commercial districts and small housing complexes use submersible mixed-flow column pumps as first stage fluid transporters. In essence, the mechanism's role here is to collect the waste in its pit and then feed the excrement to the main sewage line. That's an important duty, but what happens when it gets clogged down there? Well, in order to raise the pump from its ugly pool, a connecting chain is installed. It's this chain that lifts the clogged pump for maintenance or repair.

Questionable Fresh Water Applications

A puny motor deals out enough radial force to get a stream of fresh water circulating, but water streams aren't always this clean, especially in rural regions. A mixed-flow design works better in this muddy situation. It pumps the particulate-laden fluid through ground filters and sanitation gear, with the sparkling clean drinkable water arriving at the faucet via a secondary circulating pump.

This is a specialized, brawny pump family, one designed to work at some depth. It's typically responsible for the carriage of wastewater and sewage, but it can readily alter its function to handle freshwater. Other applications require a little imagination. If we're resourceful enough, though, it's easy to picture these deep well devices working powerfully in mines and deep thermal heating applications.

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