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UV Light Systems Explained: Shining a Light on Safe Drinking Water

March 22, 2024

UV Light Systems


Purify your drinking water with UV light systems from Parker Pumps. Get to know how these filtration systems eliminate pathogens and guarantee water safety.

UV light systems are one of the innovative solutions that property owners can maximise to gain access to safe drinking water. Clean drinking water is a fundamental need in every building, yet it remains a challenge in many properties. Traditional water purification methods often involve chemical treatments that can leave behind harmful residues. Advancements in technology, thankfully, have paved the way for new purification systems like the UV light systems.

The Process of UV Light Purification

UV light systems offer a chemical-free alternative to ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water. These systems maximise UV or ultraviolet light purification, a process that takes advantage of ultraviolet light in disinfecting water.

The ultraviolet light helps destroy the DNA of harmful organisms, rendering them unable to reproduce and cause illness. The effectiveness of a UV light system depends primarily on the light’s intensity, the exposure time of the water to the light, and the clarity of the water being treated.

As for the UV light systems, they are often comprised of a UV light source encased in a transparent protective sleeve that is placed in a chamber through which water passes. As water flows through the chamber, it is exposed to UV light, deactivating bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens without altering the taste, odour, or chemical composition of the water.

Major Benefits of UV Light Systems

Opting for UV light systems for water filtration and purification can provide your property with tons of benefits. These benefits include the following.

• Chemical-Free: Unlike chlorination, UV purification does not use chemicals, avoiding the risk of chemical by-products in drinking water.

• Effective Against Pathogens: UV light systems effectively inactivate a broad range of microorganisms, including those resistant to chlorine, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

• Energy Efficient: Modern UV light systems are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming about the same amount of power as a standard light bulb.

• Taste and Odour Preservation: Since the process does not add chemicals to the water, the natural taste and odour of the water are preserved.

• Low Maintenance: UV light systems are relatively easy to maintain, requiring only periodic cleaning and an annual bulb replacement.

UV Light Systems from Parker Pumps

While UV light systems offer numerous benefits, there are several factors to consider before installation. First, pre-treatment must be integrated to remove sediments or reduce the hardness of the water, as these can shield microorganisms from UV exposure or damage the system. Your UV light systems must then be appropriately sized based on the flow rate of water in your property to ensure effective purification. Consistent power is likewise a must for the system’s operation.

Parker Pumps currently offers Puretec R Series UV water purification systems that can process water naturally, adding no chemicals to preserve the natural taste or odour of water. These systems feature an audible alarm and an LED operating light. These can also be maintained in minutes without tools.

With their simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness, UV light systems from Parker Pumps shine a light on a future where clean drinking water is readily accessible to all.

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