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Water Booster Pump: When is it Required?

March 13, 2020

The distribution of water from the source to our taps, showers, toilets, and other plumbing fixture has a pressure that is normally fixed and sufficient. This fixed and sufficient water pressure can keep your pipes from bursting or your taps from drying up. Moreover, the optimum water pressure can maintain the function of your pipes and drainage system despite seasonal changes. 

Changes in water pressure can affect your taps and plumbing fixture. If your water pressure is too high, your pipes will certainly leak, causing unnecessary expenses in water bills. Alternatively, you won’t be receiving any usable amount of water for your daily activities if your water pressure is too low. 

Purpose of Water Booster Pump

If you are having trouble with your water pressure level, then you might need to install a water booster pump. A water booster pump can boost and increase the pressure and volume of your water that flows from your taps or showerhead. It provides pressure that can move water from a storage tank, through your home, or even commercial buildings. 

The use of a water booster pump is also required for properties that have failed to meet water flow code requirements. However, some factors can hinder your assessment whether you really need a water booster pump or not. 

Avoid Installing Water Booster Pump

The cause of abnormalities in pressure and flow rates may not entirely need a water booster pump. Some factors that may have affected your water pressure and flow rate include clogged water pipes, undersized pipes, or partially closed shut-off valve. 

The clogging of your water pipes can cause a drastic pressure drop between the service entrance and your point of consumption. This problem is normally caused by installations that are already old. Another problem with some pipes is their size. Some pipes are undersized that can have the same effect as clogged water pipes. A partially closed shut-off valve cuts the pressure manually, and can readily be solved through opening it fully. 

Installation of water booster pump under these conditions will not be effective, and may just cause you unnecessary workload and expenses.

Water Booster Pump is Effective

Alternatively, if the aforementioned conditions do not apply to you, then you may really need a water booster pump.

The use of a water booster pump is required if both the pressure and flow values of your water are insufficient. Moreover, the installation of this tool must be determined by the characteristics of your building. If your building is tall, then you might certainly need a water booster pump as the pressure and flow rate values of the water on your place is significantly decreased.

The distance of your property to your water supply system also matters. If your location is far away or high above the supply, then installing a water booster pump can be helpful for you. The gravity can decrease the pressure and flow values of your water, so a boost is needed to supply your water needs. 

Water booster pump is required if your property does not receive adequate water pressure and flow value. If you need help in choosing and installing a water booster pump, then give us a call now at Parker Pumps.

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