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Water Pumps for Your Farms

May 15, 2015

There are, of course, water pumps stationed within farmhouses. They send water through pipes just like any other domestic habitat, but, for the purpose of this article at least, when we speak of water pumps for the farm, it's a separate class of pump that we're talking about. Farm pumps are a specialized group of mechanical devices that play a key role in the day-to-day management of the property. Powerful variants of these agriculture-centric devices are out in the corners of fields, pumping waste water out of ditches, or reversing the sequence and pumping fluid to water-starved crops.

In the past, the time-honoured task of field irrigation was addressed by mechanical solutions. Wind-powered towers provided the impetus that turned a displacement rotor to create a suction force. Today's farm pumps still use this familiar method, but technology has supplanted most of these devices, especially in areas where the wind is apt to drop at the height of the day. Farm generators create the power, or there's the option to hook up farm water pumps to the main electrical distribution network. Finally, and perhaps most conveniently, the sun delivers plenty of electrical current to farm water pumps thanks to the latest in solar cell technology.

Thus far, we've covered irrigation pumps and the need for waste water pumps. These two models are portably wheeled into fields and ditches to move water to desired spots or simply to get rid of undesirable pools of dirty water. Depending on the terrain, many farm managers make the decision to add permanence to this scene, opting to build covered sheds that host pumping equipment. Going beyond irrigation, there are other uses for water pumps on a farm. Water has to be shifted from deep in the ground and filtered as it reaches the surface. Deep well water pumps accomplish this task, shifting the motive force used in irrigation by ninety degrees to convey life-preserving well water straight up and out to a junction of distribution pipes. The need to overcome gravity will see a kick upward in necessary horse power in these models.

Whether the task is ground water mediation, irrigation, or well water recovery, the typical farm pump is a hardy, high-powered device, an electrical motor tied to a sealed impeller assembly. Centrifugal action drives the fluid across low to medium pressure ranges, transferring water to wherever it's needed. Check out other farm pumps to see how these devices cope with diverse farm fluids, the dairy fluids, liquid manure, and vineyard products that establish farm owners as managers of countless fluid assets.

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