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What are Fluoride Removal Filters?

October 26, 2017

In no-nonsense terms, fluoride removal filters are designed to purify fluoridated water. There are, of course, many capable water filters available, but only a small number of these barriers has the wherewithal to target this particular element. After all, it is dirt and chlorine, bacteria and mineral salts that typically concern the manufacturers of these fine devices. What, then, does it take to build an effective fluoride removal filter?

Reviewing the Fluoride Debate

Why do water authorities add fluoride to potable water? Well, the controlled addition of fluoride is intended as a health measure, one that targets oral wellness. In effect, the natural mineral is thought to act as a tooth strengthener, one that plays a significant role in the reduction of dental decay. Now, although this additive is heavily endorsed by most health experts, the water fluoridation program does have some critics, which is why fluoride removal filters have become a desirable product. Finally, at least for this opening narrative, this is not a marketing tactic, not a job that can be assigned to any carbon-activated filtration solution. That's because fluoride is a hard to remove additive, but there are options, beginning with ion-exchange technology.

The Three Best Fluoride Removal Filters

If the notion of non-consensual program participation seems downright wrong, purchase a fluoride filter. If thoughts of drinking or swimming in this chemically saturated water feel questionable, buy that filter. Start by investigating an ion-exchange model, a filter that uses anion-charged beads to exchange hydroxide ions for the contaminant, which, in this case, is all of the fluoride entering the building in the mains water supply. Alternatively, porous activated alumina models and reverse osmosis systems have been proven to effectively eliminate this potentially hazardous additive. Incidentally, shower and bathroom filters are not an option, which is something of a worry when the long-term effects of this salted mineral are still being studied. Whole home filtration is the only real option here, with the chosen product protecting showers, baths, and drinking supplies.

Medical experts in Australia have approved the water fluoridation program in many regions, which means tiny amounts of this element are invisibly flowing into our homes and pools. Although those selfsame experts say the program is safe, homeowners like to practise their rights, especially after reading some of the newer reports on this action (www.smh.com.au). Yes, the treated water does reduce tooth decay, but so does a tube of toothpaste, a commodity that's voluntarily applied. Meanwhile, the mains water fluoride, as questionably unhealthy as it may be, can be blocked by using one of the three fluoride removal filter types listed above.

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