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What are Pool Cover Pumps?

April 11, 2017

A pool cover is a fairly well-recognised product. It does exactly what you'd guess; it covers the swimming pool so that you have a barrier between the water and the air. Pool cover pumps are an extension of this same caretaking philosophy. Simply put, it removes water from the cover when the pool isn't in use. There's a little more to the functions of this specialised pump than that, of course, but isn't that always the case?

The Roles of Pool Cover Pumps

The rainy season comes. There'd be rainwater and wind-blown debris dropping into your swimming pool, but that undesirable scenario is avoided because you've installed a pool cover. The pool cover pump comes next. It might sound like an extravagant addition, but that's simply not true, for this important device is tasked with an important role. Granted, its primary purpose is to get rid of the accumulated rainwater, the muck and debris, and to eject this seasonal discharge, but there's more at stake. This device is also a winter maintenance saviour. The regular pump is inactive, so this machine takes up the slack. Certainly, it's not recirculating water, but it does stop the swimming pool from overflowing during a storm.

Purchasing Tips

First of all, what type of pool cover is installed? There are mesh types and solid frames, special covers and strengthened plastic sheets. Make sure the device is rated to handle yours. There are proprietary floats and automated starters that tailor the device to work with the different cover types, plus wide-gauge inlets that cope with liquid and solid torrents. If your garden paradise is surrounded by scraggly trees, a powerful solid-handler ensures continued functionality, because its maintenance-free automated housing is sucking out the standing water and prickly debris with equal efficiency. Finally, consider an automated model. Bird attacks are reason enough for this self-maintaining approach. Essentially, birds love little ponds, perhaps to drink from or bathe in, but their little beaks can easily penetrate the cover while they're satiating their thirst. Eliminate those tiny bathing areas and holed pool jackets by opting for the automated model.

Purchase a sturdy pool cover pump when swimming season is at an end. It's a sound investment, a product that removes standing water, garden debris, and thirsty wildlife from your swimming pool. Then, when the sun spins around to summer once more, remove the pump cover pump and the cover so that the automatically maintained water is ready in no time at all for a few laps from you and your happy family.

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