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When and Why are Water Pressure Booster Pump Systems Necessary?

March 11, 2019

When you need to move water around, a pump can come in handy. Whether you are working with an outdoor pond or the plumbing system in your house, there might come a time when your water pressure simply isn't up to par, even with a powerful pump. In these situations, ones where your water pressure is too low, you'll likely need to get your hands on a water pressure booster pump system. Water pressure boosters are simple to understand once you learn a little about them. Today, we are going to show you when and why you might find a water pressure booster pump system necessary.

Benefits of a Water Pressure Booster Pump System

Essentially, a water pressure booster pump works as a companion to your already installed water system. While these water pressure booster systems come in a variety of shapes and styles, they all tend to share the same core functionality. Typically, a water pressure booster system will feature an extra water thank that is pressurised. This tank has a pump attached to it that will pull water into the tank where it is compressed and pressurised before being jettisoned back into your system, thus allowing your water pressure to stay at an acceptable level. While the system is easy to understand, what situations would lead you to require one?

1) Your Home Is Located on a Hill - When we say 'hill' we really just mean any kind of elevation that places your property above your municipal water supply. Gravity is a real factor when considering how effectively water can travel to and from your home. If your home is elevated above your water source, you might need an extra kick of power.

2) Low Water Pressure - If your home suffers from low water pressure, for any number of reasons, you'll need an extra kick in the pipes in order to get the water where you need it to go. A water pressure booster can help to get your system operating at full functionality so that you can enjoy hot showers, regular running water, and more. Don't feel compelled to live with low-quality water pressure!

3) Adding Power to Irrigation Systems - If you are watering your garden via an automated irrigation system, a water pressure booster pump will be required to complete the job. When water is forced to split off into many subsections, like the little wicks that you place into each individual plant, the pressure of the entire system can start to lower. A water pressure booster will make sure water gets where it needs to go.

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