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Whole House Filtration Systems by Parker Pumps

April 22, 2015

Portable water is one of the key elements of a healthy home. Lucky for folks who live in areas with questionable water quality, water filters can be installed individually in fixtures to provide homes with safe drinking water. And, water filters can clear most of the impurities found in city tap water. But is it really enough to have only a few filters throughout a household?

Whole House Filtration Systems

While we rely on water for hydration, it is also used to accomplish other chores such washing glasses, plates, utensils, and cookware – all of which come in contact with the food we eat. We bathe in water, use it to nourish our plants, trees, and pets, and clean our household items with it.

The presence of impurities such as salt, heavy metals, fluoride, and chloride in some municipalities is not only unsafe for human consumption but also decrease the quality of life in a home. Imagine feeding your pets, watering plants, and cleaning your child’s toys with chemical-laden water. Or how about bathing in strong smelling water? Not something to look forward too.

What’s the solution?

Parker Pumps recommends whole house filtration systems as a solution to these dilemmas. Parker Pumps is an Australian-based supplier of water filters that provides related services such as repair, replacing, installation and maintenance of water filtration systems. The company offers an extensive range of water filters that serve various purposes. When combined, each of these filters will make up the filtration system of an entire home to deliver water that is not only safe to drink, but also promotes quality living.

Water Filters by Parker Pumps

Under sink filters - purify water by removing sediments, chemicals, chlorine, and unusual tastes and odour of the water in homes. They are among the most affordable water filtration systems you can have installed in your residence.

Single under sink filters - are more complex and are equipped with Quad Action Filtration Technology which forces water to pass through a 4-stage filtration process.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems - are even better. They can purify water by up to 98 percent of its impurities including sediments, chlorine, fluoride, chloride, chemicals, salts, and even microorganisms such as parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

Fridge replacement filters - are excellent for homes with water supply that’s contaminated with sediment. They are equipped with compressed carbon blocks which effectively break down impurities and give you clean, great tasting water.

House filtration systems - are comprised of various types of water filters distributed across a home. This type of filter provides residents with clean and healthy drinking water that is odourless and tasteless. Moreover, these systems ensure that water is safe to use throughout your whole house.

For more information about whole house filtration systems by Parker Pumps, please visit their website today: www.parkerpumps.com.au

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